Favorite Reads of 2021

My favorite reads this year; hmm, this will be challenging to narrow down, considering I have read over 300 books this year. I’m thinking books that really stood out, left an impression, or the storyline was so original that I couldn’t forget it if I tried. Obviously, I’m trying to keep this list to my top ten, even though I have way more than that I would love to mention. Want to check out my year in books?

2021 Year in Books

The first book stuck in my brain was an arc book I read out of season but left an unforgettable memory based on one scene in it. I don’t know about you, but the car snow scenes with the intimate and caring man really stuck with me in A Day Late by Carrie Thorne. This winter read is fabulous, and I loved it. 

The next book I have to add to this is Sick Heart by Ja Huss. As one reviewer put it, this book will” stun your silent.” After reading this phenomenal story, I agree it is twisted, dark, and intense but a fantastic story with a taboo subject. This one will stay with me for a long time. 

Another top read this year was Shadow Touched by Becky Moynihan. This is the Ya/Na vampire romance I was looking for. It pertains to many of the same tropes as Twilight, and I have enjoyed the story and the second book in this series. I look forward to reading more when they are available. 

I can’t get enough of this paranormal book trilogy, The Broken Trilogy by Paulina Vasquez. This trilogy hits all the feels for me, covering wolf shifters and elementals plus fated mates in the story. The journey is captivating. This has to be one of my favorites, and I can read it repeatedly. I even went total fangirl when given my first interview with this fantastic author. 

My favorite Christmas read this season was Candy Cane Challenge by Melody Tyden. This book has all the Christmas and romance feels in a second chance romance story. I love how the characters moved from friends to lovers and all the holiday stuff the author includes in the story. I could read this romance every year. 

For sports romance, my top pick is Blindsided by Amy Daws. I love the humor, romance, and clueless alpha male she included in this story. I also love that her characters stood out; they had very original personalities and dilemmas, and she embraced all body figures. I loved that she included a curvy, sassy heroine. 

My top fantasy book is Fight (Knightwood Academy Book 2) by Rowen Black. I enjoyed this second book in this series is was twisted, action-packed and really brought an insane connection to the characters. I recommend you read the first book, Survival, in this series, but I truly enjoyed this book. 

The last book I want to highlight is my top mc romance so far, Down & Dirty Zak by Jeanne St. James. I love this start to the fantastic series. This book was funny, steamy, and sweet even though we had a bad boy biker and a baker as the main characters. I enjoyed the innuendos and the storyline of this book and series. 

It is hard to choose just ten books to talk about as I have read so many excellent books by amazing authors this year. I have been blessed to speak to authors, work with authors, receive free books from them, and even read books before publication. I’m amazed by the books I have gotten to read and review. Obviously, not all the fantastic authors and reads are mentioned here, but there have been other iconic stories. Thank you all for making this year of blogging amazing, and I’m looking forward to continuing this adventure next year. 

Honorable mention in case you need more amazing books to add to your TBR list 

Pretend your mine by Lucy Score 

  • military romance with all the feels 

We were once by S.L. Scott 

  • contemporary romance with a heart-wrenching story 

Shred of Decency by Jody Kaye 

  • Na romance with a sensitive topic 

Cry for me by R. Sullins 

  • Na romance about overcoming bullying 

Iron mountain series by Havana Wilder 

  • fantasy action-adventure series with an intriguing plot and fantastic characters

The Varsity Dad Dilemma by Lex Martin

  • a sports romance with friends to lovers and a twisted story and a sweet happily ever after

Obviously, I’m sure I could go on, but I’m interested to know what your top reads were this year?


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