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Hello, my name is Tanya. I am a stay-at-home mom of two girls who has always loved to read books. I have been reading since I was in middle school. Reading has always been my time of quiet and my personal hobby. I love to get involved in a story and feel the feelings that I get from the plot and characters. Yeah, I’m the girl crying on the couch or laughing in my own world with the book. I enjoy the adventure with the characters to new places and with new ideas. Yes, I’m the girl that can’t stop talking about these characters like they are in my world after reading a fantastic book. I love to share all the great books I have found and read with others. I honestly haven’t ever found a book I didn’t love.

I tend to read romance and paranormal books, but I also love intriguing action or adventure stories. I’m very into paranormal fiction, sweet romance books, and Hero and Heroine stories. I read both young adult and mature adult books. I do not tend to enjoy non-fiction, horror books, short stories, or classics. I sometimes will read a historical fiction books or science fiction. However, I have not delved deep into these genres. I’m always looking for a new book to read or a new series to enjoy. I have been reading books as fast as I could get my hands on them. I currently read most of my books on Amazon Kindle, but I also read on Apple Books. I am also a reviewer on a number of Arc sites like BookSirens, Netgalley, BookSprout, and more. I love to work directly with Authors to promote and share their books, both Indie and Bestsellers.

Hi, my name is Lana. I’m a self-employed, homeschool mom of two girls. My earliest memories of reading are working my way through every single Nancy Drew Mystery they had in my elementary school library, and I’ve been a constant reader ever since. I’m the girl that’s always got a book handy and won’t hesitate to pop in for a few pages whenever I have a few minutes. I’ve read in the office, in line at the post office, in too many waiting rooms to count, and in my car while waiting for curbside delivery. If I could figure out how to read while folding laundry, life would be complete – oh wait, that’s what audiobooks are for!

My interests run far and wide, but my favorite is a good love story (preferably with a happy ending). If you can entwine that love story with a fantasy, paranormal, horror, adventure, sci-fi, mystery, or historical story, I’m in. I have a ridiculous soft spot for fairytale retellings. Probably from the collection of old-school fairytales I was given when I learned to read (spoiler alert: all bad guys get bad endings).

I love well-drawn characters that I can forge a deep connection with. The best books are the ones where you look up one afternoon and wonder how so-and-so is doing and what they’re up to, like they are close personal friends, instead of characters you read about in a book years ago. There are characters I met as a teen that I still revisit every few years just to see how they are doing and what new lessons they might have for me.

Our reviews can be anywhere from a paragraph or an essay and vary between the books we read. We don’t like to summarize the book, but we will give details we find interesting. Our reviews will contain a warning if the books include content unsuitable for children; however, most of what we read is Adult Content. We are open-minded and enjoy new ideas in books. We enjoy a hot steamy romance just as much as an adventure or a surprise romance.

We look forward to bringing you an honest review. Please remember that thoughts are our opinions, and we understand that each person may feel differently. We enjoy suggestions and conversations about books, so please feel free to connect with us. If we don’t respond, it is probably because we can’t put down our next book; we are excited to get asked to review books for people and have a Review Policy on this site and how to apply for us to review your book. We can also post the review on Amazon and Goodreads. We sometimes read recommended ARC ( Advance Review Copy ) stories and give honest reviews.

I hope you enjoy the blog and the type of books we read. We are looking forward to connecting with you.


Read-Love-Review is a blog focusing on book reviews for the paranormal and romance genres.

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