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We read both YA – young adult and MA- Mature Adult and try to provide a warning if the book contains explicit content on our review.


We love a great romance book there is nothing like that happy ending. A book that makes us swoon, cry or just feel amazing as we are reading is a winner in our world. We totally love a sweet romance that is not filled with drama and makes us smile. We are not a huge fan of cliff hangars but do enjoy them occasionally as long as there is more in the series. Most of our romance preferences are current, not historical, and reflect characters that we can relate to or imagine. We don’t have a specific setting as we enjoy the mystery of what the author creates. Some of our favorite romances we have found by accident or recommendations on Amazon. We love the happily ever after or the happy for now books.


We both are huge paranormal readers. Most of the books we read can be considered paranormal and usually contain stories of vampires, werewolves, wolf shifters, fae, witches and bear shifters. This is probably our favorite genre as we enjoy the romance as well as the action in the book. We love a great paranormal book with a happy ending or a series that delves into more characters or a longer story line. We think it fantastic to read about packs, covens and even armies, We absolutely have no issue reading explicit content or trigger content.


We both enjoy a good fantasy novel however Lana tends to delve into these more then Tanya. We do enjoy non-realistic settings. We do enjoy myths and legends as well as supernatural aspects. We do enjoy magic, fairy tales, and many cross over books that also contain science fiction or paranormal items.

We enjoy a good mystery book that keeps us at the edge of our seat. Something with unexpected danger or unforeseen events makes it fun to read and guess what will happen.

Action and Adventure:

We love a good action and adventure story or series. They intrigue us with fast paced action and unknown destinations. We enjoy elements of risk and surprise as well as hidden danger.

Science Fiction:

Lana tends to read science fiction more then Tanya does. She is fairly new to the genre but is having a great time diving in. Give us aliens, space craft, new planets and exotic settings with some romance and it’s a win.

Books We don’t read:
Horror, Historical Fiction, Historical books, Satire, Thriller, Political fiction, and Non fiction, Dark Romance and Reverse Harem

Rating System:
We don’t have a rating system for our reviews we simply state our own opinion and views as a reader. Our goal with the Blog is to get more people interested in books and enjoy all the different options. We will however utilize the rating system on Goodreads and Amazon. We typically will give a book 5 stars if it made us want to read more by that author. We normally will give a book 4 stars if we notice grammar or spelling issues or if the book is a bit dry for the reader. The books that don’t interest us to read more will get 3 stars but not because we didn’t enjoy them. We love all books but maybe they didn’t interest us as much or we felt they weren’t as intriguing in the storyline. We will not rate less than two stars on any site as we understand the time and effort it takes to write a story.

Conditions for requesting a review:

  • If you have a book series or trilogy but the book you’re interested in having reviewed isn’t the first, please let me know we do prefer to read a series in order. A standalone book or first in the series is even better to be able to give a an honest review.
  • We reserve the right to decline any book.
  • If your requested review book isn’t available for free on kindle we request that you email it to us upon acceptance of your review request. We provide our service for free and do not feel we should have to purchase the book we have been requested to review.
  • We will place reviews on additional websites. This includes Amazon, Goodreads, Book Sirens,NetGalley, Instagram, Fb Page, Twitter and Pinterest. If this book is an ARC(Advanced Reading Review Copy) I have received the book for free in exchange for an honest review. I will also share the review on any social media sites relating to this blog.
    • We read mainly Mobi format but we can read a pdf or docx. We read both on kindle and Apple Books. Please let us know what format you are sending in for the review. We are equipped to accept Book Funnel codes to get your arc copy or from a arc review site .
  • Our time frame is typically less then 2 week and we will be professional and email you letting you know when we are posting the review to the requested sites as well as the links to acess our posts and if your request interest us, you may share our posts and reveiws.
  • We offer Book Reviews, Author Q & A ,and Book Promotion to request please click on what your interested in and fill out the form the more info you give us the easier it is to show off your products.

If you would like to apply for us to Review your book please fill out the link below. We will not take requests by comments on our social media sites.

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