Fight (Knightwood Academy Book 2)by Rowen Black

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Coming back to the school was not something I was looking forward to. With my secret still hanging over me and the impending visit from King Blaine shadowing me every day, the stress is taking hold of me.

What I don’t expect is for the unexpected arrival of a swordsman, which forces me to throw caution to the wind and fight to protect him.

Trials are much harder this year and with Vespin starting his advance to Blaine’s land, everything is heating up, and not just the war.

More surprises makes me unsteady and my budding relationships falter. Will I say yes to save to save them?

My Review

I received an Arc copy of this book and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

This book is fantastic fantasy fiction with plenty of action and steamy scenes to keep you guessing as the complicated story unfolds. Raven is even more heroic and loving in this book, and we really get to see new sides of her. Roe is an unexpected surprise for most of the story. Honestly, there are so many characters to relate to and track it is hard not to love them all, from the hot studs to heroic women. I can’t wait to see what is to come in this series. 

This book does have an author warning for triggering scenes. This book is a reverse harem fantasy romance and fiction, so lots of steamy scenes. 

This book begins where the first book left off. Raven is meeting someone she doesn’t expect to. I’m stunned that is who it is. She also discovers his history and position, and I’m so glad it is him and not who I thought it was. 

We’ll finally one male has claimed her and the best part he knew her truth all along go Vash. Vash is so sensitive and sweet, but his secrets are enormous. I can’t wait to return to Knighthood Academy, and Raven tells the rest of the guys her secret. 

Wow, Raven is delighted for year two, maybe a bit nervous, and definitely blessed to share a room with 5 guys. Her whole unit of Orion, Garrett, Clay, and Archer plus Vash on her team. When will she tell them her secret, and how will they take it? 

This book has a lot of moving pieces and different characters to follow. Parts of this book are very cryptic, involving magic and paths to be taken. This book is very twisted and very intense poor Raven has to go thru hell at the hands of King Blaine. 

This book gets very intriguing as we meet Mira. I wonder how she will come into play? Omg, I didn’t see that end coming, and now I’m in withdrawals for the next book. Yes, the author promised a happy ever after but will it be for everyone? 

This story has so many amazing moments in it, from the edge of your seat action to steamy scenes so hot they might melt your e-reader. Yet, the author incorporates twists and story turns that you don’t expect. She also surprises you with details that are relevant to now and later. I love that she won’t shy away from some complex scenes even though they were challenging to read; they definitely brought out aspects of her characters for you to understand.

If you haven’t read Survival the first book in the Knightwood Academy Series you must start there as the story builds on ideas from the previous book.

If you would like to get to grab a copy of Fight KnightWood Academy Book 2 by Rowen Black you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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