Survival (Knightwood Academy Book 1) by Rowen Black

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Each year, the Knightwood Academy chooses the best of the best to join them.

Males from different factions are sent there to train.

This year, it’s my brother’s turn to take part, but sickness eats at his body every day, making it impossible for him to take part in the training.

I have no choice but to take his place, not only to save him from dying during training but also because I need the money for his medicine. It’s my job as his sister to do this for him.

I’m not worried. I know I can do this. I’m as fast and deadly as any man. My father made sure both my brother and I are very capable with a sword.

At the Academy, I have to share a room with the four men who will now be my unit. We have been ordered to grow close by sharing every moment of every day with each other.

My new unit mates don’t believe I will be able to keep them alive in the coming trials, because of my size, but I would prove them wrong no matter what it takes.

If they find out who I really am, I’ll be sentenced to death, and if no one can pay for my brother’s medicine, he’ll share in my fate.

Will I be able to keep my identity a secret to save my brother’s life?

I’m not sure, but I have to try.

It’s my only option.

My Review

I read this story as an Arc and I am leaving a review honestly. I requested to be able to review this book as the story looked interesting and different for me to read and I was interested from the blurb.

Raven is a proud sister living in Vulture Bay. They are from a poor town and are parentless children only depending on each other. Her brother Roe is her world, yet they don’t look forward to the reaping that is coming to have a swordsman go to an almost unsurvivable academy to defend a king. She is quite the heroine willing to take her sick brother’s place even though she knows surviving is a slight chance, and if anyone uncovers her truth, it will mean death. Raven is a true heroine in this story embracing her fear and doing something that hasn’t been done before.

This seems like an impossible situation. Now she is surrounded by men and must hide her feminine assets while pretending to be her brother. This book gets just as steamy as it does complicated. Raven not only has to battle her hormones but also can’t let it slip that she is a woman. The author has quite a few scenes that make you laugh and see the seriousness in the unit and the storyline at this Academy.

A man I didn’t expect is the first to find her our little secret. This twist in the book is certainly interesting. Things get steamy and oh so exciting as they persist thru bonding activities and trials. This book has severe consequences for those who don’t make it thru the Academy, as is shown and understood in the story. This book does jump to others’ perspectives as you read. It follows the characters well, focusing on Raven and Roe and her unit and others she has contact with.

So far, this book is full of action and intense moments. Still, it is also spellbinding as you wonder how long Raven can keep this secret and when it comes out, what will be the consequences? This story gets even worse as the unthinkable happens. I won’t tell you, but it may change your outlook on some of the background the book started with. This is a vast catalyst to change in the book and our main character.

At this point, I’m wondering who this west king is and what he is expecting? His name wasn’t mentioned, but I have my theories. The prophecy is exciting, and not sure how it plays out. A lot of this story comes in small bits and pieces, and you really are left waiting for more. Finally, some answers start to come, and Raven gets to embrace happiness only for it to be destroyed and on a cliffhanger. I can’t wait to see what happens next with her and the ingenious storyline this author has created.

I find this story to contain interesting and have exciting concepts. I like the way the author has set up the book and dropped you right into the story. I like the honorable intentions of Raven looking out for her sibling before herself. The fantasy world the author has made is well described. A map would have been an excellent addition to help with how you learn about the areas of the factions in this fantasy story. This story has a lot of plot building before it really ramps into the heart-stopping action and secrets. Just when I thought it would all work out, the author throws in a twist I didn’t see coming, and now I can’t wait for more.

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Thank for checking out my review of this Arc Fantasy book . I look forward to seeing what you thought of this book . Please feel free to comment . There will be another book in the series . I’m super excited to read it . You can pre-order Fight (Knightwood Academy Book 2) by Rowen Black now,



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