A Day Late (Foothills Book 3)by Carrie Thorne

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Grady is a disaster at relationships. Or, well, at starting them. He moves too late or too slow or falls for absolutely the wrong woman. You know, the sort that is committed to someone else, like his brother’s fiancée.

Claire is done with her veterinary medicine program and is heading on her first dreaded “meet the parents” trip with her boyfriend. Turns out, when you’re both working your butts off and never see each other, you may not have noticed that you haven’t had a meal together in weeks, forgot the other’s birthday, and haven’t been intimate in months.

Stuck in a pretentious mansion with a snooty future mother-in-law and a man you don’t like as well as you thought… and discovering the love of your life isn’t the guy you came with, but his brother? Worst and best vacation ever.

My Review

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

I like the author’s notes at the beginging of the book. “This book is for those who have stayed in a relationship longer than they should have, no matter the reason for staying or finally leaving. “

I’m curious as to what this book will entail. I am reading this as an arc read from the book sirens and am excited to enjoy this story. 

Ryder and Claire have been devoted to their careers and put their lives and family on hold to get the next promotion and finish grad school. Things don’t seem wonderful between them. They are heading out on their first vacation together to the cascading foothills of Washington. This book does jump in perspective from conversations with one couple to discussions with others.

Grady is at the ice rink. Grady seems to be very skilled on ice, and Sophie has strong-armed into teaching her while her finance is busy working. Grady seems to have a lot of love around him, but he is the epitome of a bachelor. Sophie and all of his friends have recently met their perfect match. Until he sees her. 

Then we jump back to Claire and Ryder, arriving in Seattle and heading into the cold weather of a northwest winter in the mountains. Grady and Claire have some exciting moments on the ice, and there seems to be a magnetic attraction. Claire has a unique sense of humor in this book, but she also struggles with Ryder’s relationship. 

Things get interesting as we discover that Grady and Ryder are brothers. I’m not sure where this is going to go. But I do hope Claire gets the relationship she is dreaming of. Things get steamy as they find an attraction to each other. It is wrong on so many levels, but when they are together, it seems so right. What will Claire do? 

This story is full of surprises as Claire decides to go after love. Grady thinks he messed up big time, and Ryder excepts the inevitable. Things get even more interesting when dear old perfectionist mom finds out that not all is what it seems. After a severe snow storm, this insta love couple finally explained to each other, and yes, you get happy for now ending with this book. There are still a few surprises and things to navigate for them, but it is all done in good spirits. 

This book is set in a winter wonderland filled with cool temps, a snow apocalypse, and a love triangle you don’t expect. I was really surprised by this sweet story. The twists and the characters were terrific. I also enjoyed the setting and the romance; even though it is insta love and forbidden for a time was indeed an exciting read. I know this story is part of a series, but I feel you could read this as a stand-alone book. This book does get steamy, and although the characters are a bit older than college graduates, I would say this book is perfect for New Adut readers.

If you would like to read the Foothills Series you can find it on Amazon. If you would like to read A Day Late by Carrie Thorne you can find it on Amazon as well. As an Amazon assocaite I earn on qualifying purchases.

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