Kane’s Storm: Rock Falls Book 1 by Sammi Mason

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Dark elf Kane’s life changed when the world discovered that people like him existed. As Essence Authority beta, his loyalty to all essence people is needed now more than ever.
The woman he shared a single of passion with and whose memory provides the sunshine for his lonely days should remain in his past, but she’s in his town and bed. Despite the complications she brings, Kane finds himself inexplicably drawn to Summer.
In her mission to make a meaningful difference in the world, celebrated English photographer Summer takes on her most significant and complicated project, working alongside Kane for the good of all essence people.
When pushed to the brink, with shock revelations that threaten the very fabric of her being and the family history she believes, Summer turns to the man who owns her heart.
Already lost in a sea of guilt and shame, the only thing Kane knows for sure is that he had one true mate, and his failure left her paying the ultimate price.

My Review

This is a paranormal romance about love, loss, and second chances. I enjoyed the main characters, the supporting cast, and the small town. The struggles, both internal and external, are realistic. The romance is sweet and steamy. This story is filled with romance, paranormal aspects, and a loving family; it was a fantastic read.

Rockfall is a small coastal town in Oregon, a safe haven for paranormals. Summer is on a working vacation. She has already had a fantastic night with an Adonis but is getting hit on at the local pub. She knows about the paranormal world. She definitely has an artistic eye and a mind that works mysteriously. 

Kane is a dark elf working for the Essence Authority. He has some talents like seeing auras, strength, and speed. The kismet or essence isn’t as flowing as it used to be now that it has gone public. However, he still loves his job of helping those who come to Rockfalls find safety and security in this town for supernaturals. He has a sweet nickname for Summer when he walks into the bar and sees her. 

Ohh, he is such a total sweetheart book boyfriend material. Summer seems to be gifted with essence beyond just being an amazing photographer. The author brings a lot of English vocabulary to the story, making it fun to read and giving her characters depth. 

Their fling is complicated; there are a lot of factors for both of them discouraging further feelings and time together. 

Yeah, a surprise work contract seems to change things for Summer and Kane. I’m interested to see how all this plays out and what Summer is precisely. I like the romance in this book, and it does get steamy even if Kane is in denial. Goodness, Kane’s daughter Poppy is precocious. 

This story will bring you to tears as Summer’s world is destroyed. However, we now know what she is and why she is the way she is. Unfortunately, I can’t say I love Kane’s decisions or words right now. I am thankful that Nathan is such a stand-up guy. 

Ohh, this story gets better, and I love that the author takes the time to examine the feelings and the closure needed to move past Kane’s guilt and previous love. By the end of this long, well-thought-out story, I’m happy that we absolutely get a happy for now romance. 

I have to admit I’m bummed these fantastic characters aren’t the focus of the next book. However, I am looking forward to reading it. I hope they at least make an appearance in the story somehow. You can check out all the Rock Falls Books on Amazon.

If you would like to read Kane’s Storm by Sammi Mason you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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