UnShadowed Promises (Rock Falls Book 3) by Sammi Mason

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Rock Falls, the small American town where normal grew wings and flew away.

Tiger shifter and beta Sid loved Monica the instant he first laid eyes on her, seventeen years ago when she was cousin’s pregnant fiancée.
Light elf and divorced mom of three, Monica felt an instant pull towards Sid the second they met, but he rejected her and everything she held dear. Since then, an inner voice has guided her towards harmony, balance and the promise of serenity, which she strives to achieve to block out the bleakness.
When Sid finally realizes Monica is single, he vows to make her his. But with each step they take towards the happiness previously denied to them, Monica takes two away from him and everything that makes her, her.
More used to his role as assassin, Sid embarks on the battle of his life to find and defeat the unidentifiable evil to save Monica before she’s lost to everyone, including herself.

My Review

This book is a paranormal romance that focuses on family, love, and ancient entities. The central romance in this story is between Sid and Monica, fated mates who get a second chance to fall in love and right their past wrongs. Monica’s family is complicated, and her disabled child Arcelia makes this story stand out. I love Sid’s character in the book. He is strong, protective, and loving. This book does have steamy scenes.

The prologue of this book gives you quick info on the essence community of Rock Falls, Oregon. But this is Sids’ story. We know him from the EA as he is a beta. He seems to fancy Monica, the ex-wife of Cole and the ex-team leader now Delta for the EA. Sid is also Cole’s cousin.

We do get a Monica point of view as well. Monica is rediscovering herself after sacrificing so much for her disabled daughter and even her happiness for so long.

I love Sid’s character. Sid is protective, strong, and easy on the eyes. Oh, this book finally gets steamy and more intriguing as the keys come back into play. Ohh, and now we get to meet a character nicknamed the Dark revenger.

This book gets complicated as it doesn’t just include fated mates; many other side plots are going on to follow. They are just as enjoyable. This book definitely is a bit different, not as dark as the previous one. It isn’t as swoony as the first, but it does end lovely. I like that the entire family is included, and it does focus on the smallest member Arcelia the most.

If you would like to read Unshadowed Promises by Sammi Mason you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

This book is the third book in the Rock Falls Series but each book can be read as a standalone.

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