Magical Delay ( Rock Falls Book 2) by Sammi Mason

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Rock Falls, the small American town where normal grew wings and flew away.

For Nia, everything is perfect. She has her best friend, his children, and a role in an elite military unit to give her life meaning. But even though the thought of change is intolerable, she can sense the status quo changing…

Wolf shifter and commander Cole knows how much their partnership means to his little warrior. But after fighting side-by-side together for years, he can’t avoid his need to claim her as his mate any longer. And he’s worried that leaving their team in pursuit of this passion will be a blow she can’t forgive.

Devastated when Cole falls victim to arcane magic, Nia goes into overdrive to find and neutralize the evil spellcaster. As the true wickedness of the spell is discovered, Cole aches with the understanding that they’re facing a life-altering challenge.

Will joining together in one last epic battle destroy their future or allow them to claim love?

My Review

Rockfalls is a small town in southern Oregon but home to many paranormals or essence people, as the Essence Authority calls them. This town is a safe haven for people from all walks of life. 

This book starts with Cole and Nia. They have worked side by side as friends and maybe sometimes more than a friend on the guardian teams. She is fierce. He also seems to lose his words when she is near and refers to her as his. 

Things didn’t go well, and poor Nia doesn’t react well either. She is a very talented Hyena shifter. Cole and Kane are cousins. Cole is a dark elf with a mixed latent wolf shifter, but he can’t shift.

In this story, we finally get to embark on the mystery of the keys with the Guardian team Valiant. Change is so good sometimes, but it is wired to read this from the point of view that hates change. However, I understand why the changes are and what they mean for both Nia and Cole. This book is more romantic than the last one but still very complicated. 

This book gets steamy, but it also gets dark with the introduction to dark magic. I love the inferences the reader gets to pieces together as the characters figure out the who, why, and what to these new issues. I love the resolution and the intense action scenes. However, all I want is for this couple to be happy.

Finally and about time but they finally stop fighting each other, their destiny and all the doubts and are happy together. This book wasn’t as emotional as the first one, but it held more reverence to people’s essence and the struggles of magic, darkness, and light. I can’t wait to read more in the small town of Rock Falls.

Also, I really want a story for Tara. 

If you would like to read Magical Delay by Sammi Mason you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases,

This book can be read as a standalone book but it is in the Rock Falls series. I do encourage you to read Kane’s Storm first.

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