Heated Empire: The Rising Dawn Series by Rebecca Cassells

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Pack is back in this second part of the epic trilogy, the danger and the romance heats up in the continuing saga that will appeal to anybody who has a love for Epic Romances as well as things that howl at the moon.

Welcome back to the world of the Rising Dawn pack where Damian and Holly find that from the very beginning of their new roles as Alpha and Luna they are being tested. They must form new Alliances quickly as they face adversity from the vengeful Rachel, the wicked Alpha Taylor and the feared High Council.

Join them as they face the odds with the love and support of new and old friends from near and far because not only their own lives hang in the balance. Can they help save everyone they love or will sacrifices have to be made in order to fulfill the Moon Goddesses long awaited prophecy?!

My Review

This book immediately starts with Holly. If you have read the first book in this series, you should be familiar with her. Holly updates us on all we have missed in the time between the last book and this one. She goes over major things like expansion, companies, her friend’s pregnancy, and the betas’ females struggle to adapt to the new life. After we get caught up, we see the love and sweetness between her and Alpha Damian. 

The switch in perspective between the characters in this book is much smoother with no repetition of scenes. I did notice some minor missing words, but I’m sure the author will get those fixed. This book is super-steamy as well, so definitely for a mature audience. Things also escalate between them and a rival. This story does cover lots of people’s actions and missions simultaneously, so there are multiple threads and scene jumps. It is a lot to keep straight. 

Between the intense action scenes and the other more phycological scenes, this story really hits all angles, even with different characters in different places. This book definitely delves more into the paranormal as now it also includes vampires and witches as well as wolf shifters. 

Interesting, who is her father? I mean, she gives some clues but no names, and I can’t help but wonder. Yes, this is the witch/wolf shifter hybrid that Liam met in France. One of the clues is kinda obvious, and I wonder how this will play out. This book gets dark as Damian and Holly do what must be done to get the answers they need. This book is so very action-packed, with a lot happening at once. 

It is nice to see a progression beyond the grief for Alpha Daman. I love how caring and intelligent he is. Yes, he is older but a good Alpha and role model. I love that the author included a future for him and involved him in this story.

Liam and Kemille seem to be quite the pair. I wish they could be mates but can not due to extenuating circumstances at this time. The alphas conference Holly and Damian are at is bound to get interesting. This book is full of surprises; the author even brings elemental magic into the story with Kemille . Kemille is actually surprising, and I love the strength that she shows. 

This book gets very intense and action-packed, and I love the concepts behind the storyline. The prophecy, packs working together despite their issues, overthrowing the council because they are only using power for their own agenda and, of course, the pure and honorable hearts of the beloved Alpha and Luna Kingston. I love how the author brought the moon goddess into the story. I love that this book has love stories interwoven into the storyline along with the intense action. This was a fantastic read. I can’t wait to see what happens next !! 

This book and storyline really surprised me. I love how the author had strong men who cherished their mates in the story, but she also had men who didn’t. I love how she shows both sides of a relationship and which one is more beneficial, and what that looks like. I love that the women were strong heroines and not whiny, needy girls. I saw a definite maturity in the characters in this book and their actions and thoughts. 

This book was action-packed as well as including love, family, and the importance of friends. I love the morals the author had in the book. I enjoyed the action scenes and even the steamy scenes. This book wasn’t overly graphic, but it would still be considered for a mature or a new adult reader. The characters in this story ranged in age, but their family-minded and leader-minded personalities showed. The author included plenty of characters you still want to hate and didn’t completely resolve the many storylines.

I look forward to the next book. This book is a fantastic example of paranormal romance with plenty of action and adventure to leave you binge-reading. 

The third book in this series is coming soon while you wait check out the Author Q&A with Rebecca Cassells .

You must read The Rising Dawn Series in order starting with Sparked Revoultion and then read Heated Empire for it to make sense these are not standalone books.

If you would like to read Heated Empire by Rebecca Cassells you can find it on Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback options. As an Amazon associate I earn on qaulifying purchases.

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