Full Moon (Alpha Wolf Academy Book 5) by JJ king

Rating: 4 out of 5.

★ The epic conclusion to Alpha Wolf Academy! ★

A power still unharnessed, a destiny looming, a battle she can’t lose, and a whole shitload of trouble.

Elena Jensen should be safe and sound at Alpha Wolf Academy, enjoying her life and creating a future with her mate and friends. Instead, she’s in Russia to fight for the Alphaship of her family’s pack, a battle that won’t end until either she or Ryker are dead. 

She’s steadier now, stronger, and more in control of the natural born Alpha powers that make her a threat, but her powers are growing, and she has no idea how they’ll react in a fight to the death.  

Elena returns to the country where her parents were murdered, to a pack who don’t know her and who doubt her ability to lead. Political intrigue and deadly plots await at every turn, making it hard to know who to trust. To win the Alphaship and her life, she’ll need to trust her mate, her friends, The Sisterhood, and herself. 

But how do you trust something that refuses to be harnessed and threatens to consume you and everyone you love?

My Review

This is the last book in this series, and I’m trying to keep up with what happens to Elena and Bash. This book starts in a different country, taking place in Russia. A different time than the last book ended, obviously not picking up where the other book ended. This book has Elena accepting the role of Alpha of Russia and starting the trials and tests that come with it. Elena is still very much damaged from the trauma of the previous books, and surprisingly the entire cast of characters is here as well. Although this story is filled with love, friendship and chaos, I really wish it didn’t jump around so much. It jumps from one event to the next chapter with something completely different. This story does end happily, but they had to walk through a very treacherous path to get there. I really did love this series. It was sweet, action-packed, and full of danger, but the characters always came out stronger because of it. 

if you would like to read Full Moon (Alpha Wolf Academy Book 5) by JJ King you can find it on Amazon. As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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