Bad Moon (Alpha Wolf Academy Book 4) by JJ King

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A broken mind, a long road to recovery, a new threat from within, and a whole shitload of trouble. 

Elena Jensen should be relieved, she should be happy, she should be free, but the powers she tapped into to destroy her greatest enemy came with a heavy price

After months of training and therapy, she’s returning to Alpha Wolf Academy, even though she isn’t sure it’s the best idea. Her future might be safe, but it’s uncertain at best. The Sisterhood have been covering for her, keeping the Russian pack at bay, but Elena needs to decide, and soon, or risk anarchy. 

Elena struggles to rebuild herself, to find control and her place, and is starting to feel like her old self when she’s side-railed by two new students who seem to be out to get her. Bash and her friends just don’t see it, but Elena can’t shake the feeling that she isn’t safe. 

Doubting your own sanity makes seeing the wolf at the door a little bit harder.

My Review

This book certainly doesn’t start where the last book left off, so be ready for a time jump. But it does have a flashback to the damage inflicted in the previous book. Our broken heroine is still trying to recover from being a survivor and fighting for her life. This book definitely digs deeper into Elena and Bash’s connection, Elena’s sanity, and her decision to become the alpha of Russia. I love that in this book, Elena opened up more about herself and her alpha powers. Our heroine starts to be more normal again, laughing with friends, talking with friends, and even with her mate. However, new students on campus cause a problem. She has a massive decision to make that will determine her future. I was surprised how this book culminated, and the twist at the end was shocking. Like many novels in this series, this one didn’t get to the tipping point till the end. Can’t wait for the final book on this series and dying to know the outcome.

If you would liek to read Bad Moon (Alpha Wolf Academy Book 4) by JJ King you can find it on Amazon. As an Amzon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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