Wolf Moon (Alpha Wolf Academy Book 2) by JJ King

A fancy ski resort, a ghost from her past, a deadly flight, and a whole shitload of trouble.

Elena Jensen’s world, as she knew it, no longer exists. In the aftermath of theattack on Alpha Wolf Academy, she feels more alone than she ever has. She can’t trust her family or The Sisterhood, and Connor, the wolf chosen as her personal guard, brings up a painful part of her past, one she’d prefer to forget.

When she and half the students of AWA are shipped to a shifter exclusive ski resort for winter break, Elena starts to think things aren’t so bad. She has a boyfriend that makes her rethink the existence of soulmates, a friend who makes her feel safe, and a new influential mentor.

Elena’s tentative foundation is destroyed when disaster strikes on the returnflight, leaving Elena stranded in the middle of the wilderness with ten other students, a dead pilot, a wounded teacher, and Connor.

When it’s life and death, you dig deep to keep yourself and others alive… or you die trying.

My Review

  This book jumps around a lot, never quite finishing a scene before jumping to the next thing. This book is actually difficult to read. At first, Eleana is so damaged from the last book’s events that she hardly seems like herself, and the heroine we saw emerge. This book gets even more twisted, and so much history is included in this fantasy world. I love that Elena now gets to be part of the Alphas and learn more about the past and current situation. She reconnects with Bash in an epic steamy way, leaving no doubt to the reader they are soul mates. But this book couldn’t be excellent without something unexpected happening to test Elena and Bash. The author did a fabulous job making this a suspenseful action book. I was intrigued from the beginging even though not much was solved with the story. I love that her writing style was the same. This story did end on a complicated cliffhanger. Still, I can’t wait to read more and watch Elena become an even stronger heroine. This book is an exciting twisted paranormal romance with tons of action and adventure, devastation, and love. 

You can get Wolf Moon (Alpha Wolf Academy Book 2) by JJ King on Amazon. As an Amazon associate I earn qualifying purchases.


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