Wolf: Under Your Skin (Wolf series Book 1) by Ellen Hunter

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Blue eyes, raven hair—and a terrible secret.

Life in Shatterlake is pretty laid back. I go to high school, live on a farm, and lead a normal, quite life. When I meet Josh, however, there is something intriguing about this young man. He’s gentle and kind, but always cautious and distant. As my feelings for him grow, I make a horrifying discovery.

Josh is a werewolf.

One day, he suddenly turns into a ravenous beast, and I barely escape with my life. Still struggling to accept who Josh is, things take a darker turn when he’s caught in a feud with the local werewolf pack. The alpha and Josh are like oil and water—and one of the members is Hell bent on killing me.

I’m scared. For my life, for my loved ones, and for Josh. Trying to protect me, he seems to lose control over his inner beast. I can’t believe he’s the bloodthirsty monster the pack claims he is … Or is he?

Can I survive loving a werewolf?

My Review

This small town paranormal romance is a slow burn YA peek into a different wolf story. The author definitely made this unique with a combination of wolf shifters, werewolves, and a human in the mix. This book is filled with pulse-pounding action, sweet romantic moments, and a story like no other. I enjoyed Ellen Hunters’ story and look forward to reading more of her books in the future. This book was initially written by a German author and is available in other languages. 

This book has quite the prologue. We get a tense night from a girl’s point of view we find out her name is Ruby. But what was that thing in the forest? 

We jump forward to Ruby working; she is now eighteen. She lives in Shatterlake, Canada, in a small town. Ruby is very brave. 

Josh Grayson happens to come into her life in two unusual circumstances. He seems like a nice guy minus his quick exit. There is definitely something going on with him. 

Ruby gets shocked when she follows him into the forest and discovers that the prologue wasn’t her imagination so many years ago. Ruby’s reaction, I think, is classic to seeing something that scares you and you don’t understand. I like that she was fearful and ran when seeing this surprise as Josh wasn’t himself.

She adapts okay to the new paranormal reality once all is known. I love how sweet Josh is to her; however, there are some scary moments still in the story. I absolutely adore the family interactions in this book. This book does have its moment of intense pulse-pounding action, but it also has sweet moments where you get a look within the characters. This book does end happily. I look forward to reading more in this series and more from this Author.

If you would like to read Wolf Under Your Skin by Ellen Hunter you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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