Wolf: To Your Bones (Wolf series Book 2) by Ellen Hunter

Rating: 4 out of 5.

There is something prowling through Shatterlake.

Normal never lasts long in this town.
Josh has settled his disputes with the pack, and although he still turns into a werewolf, we’re a pretty ordinary couple. At least, until a new werewolf starts wandering the streets. It looks like it’s just a stray, but with its arrival comes a discovery that changes everything.
When Josh is suddenly kidnapped, my world comes crashing down. Josh is gone, I’m alone, and only Shatterlake’s pack can do something about it. Forced by the circumstances, I have no choice but to ask their aggressive alpha Keith for help—the werewolf I fear the most.
I don’t know where to start and if Josh is even still alive. When a race against the clock begins, our efforts are overshadowed by the greatest danger we have ever faced. As the real enemy approaches, nothing and no one will be safe. Not even a werewolf.

Josh. If you’re waiting for me somewhere in this world, please hold on. I’m coming to save you.

My Review

This book is a continuation of Ruby and Josh’s story. I love that author doesn’t stray from the original characters and instead builds on the paranormal world she has established without adding in other supernatural beings. It also contains a dramatic realization of the differences and inner monologue Josh is battling. This story was action-packed and heart-wrenching but still ended happily. I can’t wait to read more.

This book starts with an intriguing poem. This story begins right after the first book in the series. We bring this story with Ruby once again venturing out at night without her Hybrid boyfriend, Josh. Of course, she wanders into trouble, and Josh must become something more prominent to defend her while she runs to freedom.

It seems like the past books’ troubles will haunt them again. I like the author considers the long-lasting effects of the trauma on her characters and doesn’t ignore human feelings. I love that this book took a turn so soon in the storyline. The scientific explanations of the paranormal are amazing. Omg, I love the wolf express. This book gets de a sting, so have your tissues ready. I admire the strength and fearlessness of Ruby.

This story rediscovers what is vital to Ruby and Josh and his place in Shatterlake. This is quite the adventure to save Josh. Yay, finally rescued, and wow, what an action-packed part got the story. This story ended terrifically; there are still some unanswered questions, but I can’t wait for the next book in this series.

If you would like to read Wolf: To Your Bones by Ellen Hunter, you can find this book on Amazon. This is the second book in this series so make sure you read Wolf: Under Your Skin first. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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