Hyde and Seek by A J Saunders

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Three notes – two suspects – one hideaway.

She had no choice but to run. He had no choice but to become a priest. Both desperate to escape their pasts.
Life was good in the secluded French village – until the note appeared.
Because of this unexpected warning, their lives were about to take a dramatic turn.
She wasn’t the only one with secrets.
He couldn’t change his past. Could she choose his future?

My Review

Jaime is a young woman who is escaping England. We don’t know why other than a court case, a stumbled upon crime, and some letters. She took a job in France to be a housekeeper to the clergy in a small town. She seems very nervous and timid, almost unsure of her surroundings. I kinda got the vibe of paranoid.

She is adjusting well to life in France and has acquaintance Father De Vere, a hot priest. They have some interesting conversations and even funny moments. Her new job is working out well, but of course, her mind is dirtier than I initially thought. She seems to relive that fateful nights and the notes and dead messengers don’t help her forget it. It makes for some great conversations and words in the book.

This book jumps back and forth between Jaime’s perspective and Hyde’s. Hyde is the stalker who is intent on making her life miserable. Brother to the original criminal, her testimony helped send to jail. He gets a few Clair to her whereabouts but nothing too solid; however, I think she unknowingly gave it away.

Interesting, it seems Father De Vere has something to hide. He seems to be jealous of anyone who tries to cloak his housekeeper. Also, a strange encounter and a sightseer at the church didn’t quite fit in. So Father De Vere is Dante, and we get some more information on this man.

This book gets steamy. She finally claims her man, but who knew a priest and a housekeeper. I swear the stuff of fantasies. However, they are both still dealing with the complex issue of the past. When it jumps to the psychopath’s point of view, don’t be surprised by the darkness that comes out. This guy makes Hannibal look sane. This book doesn’t shy on the romance front either the love between Dante and Jaime is on fire.

Oh, this book gets all sorts of twisted with the suspense. And you won’t guess the sick surprises the author has in store for you, the reader, to discover. This book is graphic and definitely for a mature audience. This book takes a while to get to the ending, but it is worth the read. This story is full of love, suspense, and an incident that could actually happen in real life. Although this is one heck of a creepy story, it was a great read.

I enjoyed the mystery of this story and the thriller aspects of it. I also love that the author included steamy romance as well. Hyde and Seek was a tremendous psychological and thrilling, mind-boggling story. How can so many people’s lives be so interconnected without knowing it, and some of those people be on the right side of the law and others on the wrong side of it. The author did a fantastic job interweaving this tale with tons of hints and activities that leave you guessing and at the edge of your seat to see what happens next.

Make sure you check out the Author Q & A with Adley Saunders to learn more about the author of this book . Also her Debut novel The Whispering Magpies.

If you would like to read Hyde and Seek by A J Saunders you can find it on Amazon. As an Amazon associate I earn on qualifying purchases.

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