The Whispering Magpies by Adley Saunders

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Two months have passed since seventeen-year-old Kaylee Hamilton’s twin sister, Abby, disappeared without a trace, shattering the family she left behind.When Kaylee finally accepts that she may never see her twin again, Abby returns – but not as expected. To help her sister uncover who is responsible for her disappearance, Kaylee needs Abby’s assistance. Snag is, Abby only remembers the whereabouts of her secret diary. With the mystery unravelling towards a world of crime, Kaylee comes to the conclusion that everyone could be a potential suspect. And when she receives threatening messages warning her to stay away, she has to be quick. What if she’s the next person on the list? Torn between letting things lie, and rescuing her twin, will Kaylee be brave enough to take a leap into her sister’s unknown world

My Review

I read this book at my own request to go with the Author Interview. This book was written by an Indie Author who is writing in a few genres.

The prologue to this book is probably a victim’s worst nightmare. We are thrust into a violent situation with Abby and then must watch as she endures the pain and torment to come. 

Then we start the book we meet Kaylee, the twin sister of Abby who is now coping with her loss. I find the inclusion of the magpies interesting. The fact that the family refers to Abby’s loss and disappearance rather than death is so intriguing. 

As the magpies, a type of bird, get more described, I realize they aren’t ravens but a species that seems to be connected to witch lore. As for Kaylee, she keeps seeing them, remembering her sister’s rhyme and experiencing the feeling of impending doom. 

This book gets curious as the twin receives a visit from her sister, seeming to guide her to something. So I get the feeling that Abby is alive but somehow disconnected. Her visits to her twin sister are a bit strange. I’m kinda wondering where she is and why her family is not notified of her issues. 

This book is very suspenseful as Kaylee, and her boyfriend try to figure out what happened to her sister and by who. I find it intriguing that the magpies correlate to the events, the birds, and the rhyme, as well as more sinister groups of people in the book. 

This book gets even more twisted as they uncover clues to the perpetrator who hurt Abby and the reason behind it. I thought that would end it with a happily ever after, but was I wrong. Instead, the book gets dark and twisted and has a shocking ending.

I have to say this book was intriguing from the start. I wanted to know the who and the why as to the immediate dark scene. As the book got going, I honestly felt like it took too long to get the answers. But I enjoyed the suspense and clues that the readers got to stumble upon with Alex and Kaylee. I felt the parents probably were a little naive as all this happened under their nose, and they didn’t seem the wiser. However, the ending of this book was one heck of a twisted result.

If you would like to read The Whispering Magpies by Adley Saunders you can find it on Amazon. As an Amazon assocaite I earn on qualifying purchases.

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