Golden Wolf (Golden Series Book 2) by Paulina Vasquez

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Alpha King and God of War walks the earth. The golden wolf of the century is born again, but that won’t be enough to save the werewolves from the great war to come. Ares must accept a century-old family prophecy as it starts to unravel and seek the blessings of the Gods to master his elemental gifts. What he finds is more than he expected and everything he’s wanted.

She’s beautiful, for a human. She’s sweet, smart and a little sassy, for a human. He’s certain she’s enchanted his wolf, but how could a weak little human have such power over the strongest wolf on earth?

A whirlwind adventure from the Mayan jungles of ancient ruins to the sacred volcanoes of Hawaii, the plot twists and turns as we hunt down Gods and fight temptation.

My Review

Wow, this book starts off steamy nothing like mating with the future in mind. So we meet Victoria and her mate, who seems to be the son of the Rogue King from the last book.  He has a large ego and no patience; his name is Ares. 

An argument ensues about following the prophecy and receiving a blessing.  Ares isn’t fond of humans; searching for gods or the prophecy, he wants war and thinks he is ready. He is a direct descendant with all four elemental powers, and he may be a demigod. He is also a golden wolf-like Lucy LaRue from Broken Luna

His mate seems to have issues and is definitely an interesting choice for Luna in this family.  All the other Luna have been strong and gracious, but she seems to be needy and selfish. His journey begins, and wow, what an adventure : 

They journey to Tulum, Mexico. Wow, this resort sounds like a fantastic vacation. They go and visit Mateos pack, but things aren’t like they are supposed to be. I love the story so far, but I wish the author would have translated Spanish for those who don’t understand it. 

What is this new girl? I’m enchanted to find out where the author is leading this too.  So far, they have done some quick searches, visited some sites, and made plans. But she is still a mystery to Ares and us. This book gets steamy and even more surprising as the story goes on. Next stop, Hawaii.

Oh, this gets interesting and very twisted. Hmm, wonder what happens next. I so wasn’t expecting that. I kinda feel bad for Ares as he figures it out. But he also gets to be happy and gets his next clue. But a human didn’t expect that at all. Let alone who the in-laws are. This book is filled with adventure and Demigods, goddesses, and gods. It is truly unique the information the author provides to the reader in the story. I’m enjoying learning as I am reading. 

So excited for the following book Golden Wars. The epilogue of this book is so endearing, definitely bringing out all the female emotions. I love it and the surprise. 

I loved this story and the fun and challenging adventures they were on to find prophecy information. The hunt for the goddesses was great, and I loved learning about different cultures and their beliefs.  Ares was described precisely as I imagine him, and I was shocked at the beginging of the book and even more so by the middle of it. The author really added in some twisted plot lines.  I love that it resolved a lot of information for the reader and was romantic and steamy.  I was confused by all the family members and realized I forgot when or what book they came from. This book definitely ties into the Broken Trilogy and the previous book Golden Prophecy.  They seem to skip a lot between them, so you have to connect the dots slightly.  I do like the multiple points of view but mainly focusing on the Alpha and Luna characters. I love everything by this author and how she weaves her stories together. 

If you love this book check out the Author Q & A with Paulina Vasquez also others books by this writer on her Amazon page.

If you would like to read Golden Wolf make sure you read Golden Phrophecy first and I recommend reading The Broken Trilogy as well since they all interconnect. As an Amazon associate I earn on qualifying purchases.

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