Golden Wars (Golden Series Book 3) by Paulina Vasquez

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The shifters council has fallen, and Alpha Ares is ready to fulfill the prophecy. Born from Gods and blessed with elemental gifts, the golden wolf becomes the first Alpha King after a thousand years. The human hunters are at the forefront of the Golden Wars, but something more sinister has been stirring for centuries. A plan to rid the earth of werewolves once and for all.

Ares must fight to protect his mate, family, and kingdom as he discovers the full strength of his gifts, royal blood, and lycan genes. The war will rage, and sacrifices will be made. Hang on tight as this adventure takes us to the Devil’s triangle, Calle Ocho, and the island of swimming pigs!

My Review

This is a fantastic story about phrophecy, family, and change. This book is action-filled and includes some steamy scenes with an intriguing plotline. I loved the authors’ inclusion of the family and thoughtful interaction, even if I did get confused with so many people’s names mentioned. This story was a wonderful ending to the series. The paranormal and supernatural aspects really bring the story to life, as well as the new abilities she includes for her characters. 

This book begins with Lukas and Eudora, characters we know and love from the last book. Eudora is human but mated to Ares. 

Her parents are vampires, and she is afraid of them still. I love the family support in this book. This book contains a lot of wolf shifter politics. Still, being from one of the strongest families in the wolf world, the LaRue and the Theodorus members are also elemental. 

Eudora’s family reunion is the best omg, bring on the tears. This book gets steamy as the Alpha Kings’ natural prowess shows. We get plenty of examples of King Ares’s power in this book. I love all the elemental fun the author has included. 

This book ramps up with action and bloodshed as they battle the evil attacking them. I love how the story is interwoven with relative links, new surprise gifts, and past history. This book ends sad but amazing. I didn’t expect that character to be killed off; I mean, she wasn’t that old. This is the last book in the Golden Series, and the author ended this amazingly. 

I loved every moment of this read. I was so hooked to the book I forgot to take notes, as is usually the case for Paulina’s writing and stories. I admit I do get confused with all the family names and nicknames. An index or glossy telling us which book they were featured in or a family tree would be beneficial. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. 

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Don’t forget to check out the other books in this Golden series and read them in order starting with Golden Phrophecy, Golden Wolf then reading Golden Wars. Also, check out the Author Q & A with Paulina Vasquez.

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