Down & Dirty: Books 7-10: Dirty Angels MC (Dirty Angels MC Series Box Set Book 3) by Jeanne St. James

Welcome to Shadow Valley where the Dirty Angels MC rules. Get Down & Dirty with the last 4 books in the series…


She has a secret. But little does she know, so does he.

With a past he’s not proud of and a secret only recently discovered, Dawg’s life is about to change when a kindergarten teacher walks into Heaven’s Angels Gentlemen’s Club. With no experience, her dancing sucks but he can’t deny the woman’s determination and, against his better judgement, hires her anyway. While her girl-next-door looks may be good for business, he’s not ready for someone like Emma to walk into his life.

Emma’s desperate. She not only needs a lot of cash, but needs it quickly. Recently unemployed and with nowhere else to turn, she takes a drastic step by auditioning at Dawg’s club. When he finds out her secret, he’s willing to go above and beyond to help. However, Emma has no idea how a bearded, tattooed biker and strip club manager can help when law enforcement can’t.


A stranger with a diary containing a thirty-year-old secret. One that could rip a brotherhood apart…

DAMC born and bred, Dex was never like the rest of his club brothers. Even though being a biker was his destiny, something was always missing. He could never figure out what it was or why until one day a woman walks into Shadow Valley Pawn. A sexy, badass woman who challenges him at every turn.

When Brooke discovers the truth about her late mother, she comes to Shadow Valley. However, a simple trip to find answers twists into something she never expects. Not only that, but the successful businesswoman crosses paths with a biker who tests the control she loves so much.

Unexpectedly, Brooke not only flips a switch inside Dex and shows him his true self, she learns it’s okay to give up some of the independence she clings to.

But that’s not the only discoveries the two make. One secret shakes the club to their core by exposing a member who’s been destroying them from the inside out.


For Linc, life was easy. But life’s about to change.

The DAMC is Linc’s life. The club his family. His lifesaver when he’d been drowning. Being a part of the club makes life easy for him. He rolls out of bed, heads downstairs for grub, booze, women, whatever, before hitting the bar at night for work.

But then there’s Jayde. A college graduate and an aspiring attorney. The first time he saw her hips swaying through church, he couldn’t keep his eyes off her. Since then, they’ve circled each other for years. But Jayde deserves better than him, so he’s kept her at arm’s length. Linc has nothing to offer her, while she’s poised to take on the world.

Not only that, she’s dangerous. Her father’s a cop. Her brother, too. Even worse, her oldest brother is the club president. And that’s the most dangerous of all.


When a woman from his past shows up asking for his help, Crow’s not sure he can be the hero she’s looking for.

Crow, self-proclaimed bachelor biker, can’t believe his eyes when a woman from his past shows up at his tattoo shop. She not only needs him to cover up a scar created by a rival MC but is looking for a hero to help her heal and officially move on from a tragic incident.One that dragged her into the darkness against her will and extinguished her light for years. While willing to help, he’s not sure he can be everything she needs him to be. How can he help her when he hasn’t even faced the demons that haunt his own past?

Six years ago, Jazz left Shadow Valley when a life-altering assault changed her outlook on the world—and men—forever. Now she’s back to deal with the scars, both physical and mental, left behind. While hoping Crow will help her with both, she’s afraid he won’t be willing. Crow always considered her too young, now she’s worried he only sees her as broken. However, Jazz knows there’s no one better than the long-time DAMC member to help her move on.

My Review

Down & Dirty: Dawg (Dirty Angels MC Series Book 7)

Dawg’s story was unique. I love how it included unexpected love and family. Emma dropped into his life, needing help but not being able to afford it. This book really shows Dawg’s heart, and we learn so much about this biker. He isn’t as rough as some of the other bikers in previous stories. He really has a change of heart in this book. Emma and Dawg make a great couple and have excellent reasons for the changes the readers get to be part of in the story. I was surprised by the decision and heart behind them in this book. This is one of my favorites so far, and I love that it can be read as a stand-alone book. This book is full of love, choices, and family. 

Down & Dirty: Dex (Dirty Angels MC Series Book 8) 

Brooke walked into Dexs life and literarily turned the DAMC upside down in this book. So much dirt is in this book and a ton I didn’t expect. I love how strong Brooke is; she was definitely a surprising twist of a character. Dex is no pushover, but he was definitely man enough to let her lead in the hot steamy scenes. Brooke and Dex make a cute couple. I love how the club/ family is growing and maturing as I read this series; each book contains new info and new, unexpected surprises. This family is funny, loving, and protective, but all the men have a heart. So much comes out in this book that it indeed was a great read. 

Down & Dirty: Linc (Dirty Angels MC Series Book 9)

I know this book contains Linc and Jayde. But this one starts off with surprises and consequences. Jayde is family to Zak, the MC President, Axel, a cop, and Mitch, her father, a cop. Shit really hits the fan on this book when Jayde surprises Linc with unexpected news. Can they make this work? Will her father and brother end him? I love how these characters we barely have met are emphasized in this book. I also love the fact the family is highly regarded in this book, whether it be the MC family or Mitch’s family. For sure, the club is growing, and new generations, new businesses, and new people are welcomed and brought into the fold. It may be an uphill battle for Jayde and Linc, but I hope it all works out. The author does a great job of showing her character’s hearts,, values and personality are in this series. This book is probably one of my favorites, filled with both happy and sad moments. Still, the perfect link in this series and series of events to bring the MC and the policemen in the family together. I love how strong both Linc and Jayde are and so sure of each other. This book was sweet, sad, and awe-inspiring. 

Down & Dirty: Crow (Dirty Angels MC Series Book 10)

if you havent read Down & Dirty: Hawk (Dirty Angels MC Series Book 3) I highly recomment you do as you will have a better understanding of Jazz. If you havent read Down & Dirty: Slade (Dirty Angels MC Series Book 6) I recommend you do as you will understand Crow better. If you would like to see my review on either please check out Down and Dirty: Hawk and Down and Dirty: Slade .

Wow, I didn’t expect Jazz to ever be in a book again, and I’m shocked she is in Crow’s book. This may not be a happily ever after. That book was by far the hardest one to read in the series. Jazz or Jasmine’s past, which we knew about as readers in a previous book, was definitely confronted. While Jazz is healing throughout the story. We also discover Crow is learning as well from his past. This book is all about healing and overcoming nasty situations. Don’t forget a box of tissues when you read this. This book is filled with love, gut-wrenching details, and heartbreaking dialogues. Can Jazz love again? Can Crow let her walk away for herself? This being the last book in the series, this one was definitely tear-jerking.  

This book series can be read as a stand-alone book or can be combined. They all connect and contain past, present, and future information about the (DAMC) Dirty Angels Motorcycle Club. 

I’m excited to read more and look forward to reading the cross-over book 11 –Crossing the Line: A Dirty Angels MC/Blue Avengers MC Crossover (Dirty Angels MC Series Book 11) and In the Shadows Security (6 book series) that focuses on people we have grown to know and appreciate in this series with Diesels crew. That series is 6 more books, and I’m sure it will include even more great reading.

This series is impressive every minute of reading it, from the grunting cavemen to steamy scenes. This series contains sassy women, stubborn men, trigger warnings, and lots of cursing. Still, it was fabulously written, keeping you on the edge of your seat with each story but also closing with a happy ending. Through this series, I really understood her portrayal of this Motorcycle club and the family they all become for one another. I, as a reader, have cried, laughed, been emotionally wrenched, and even giddy. This series took me by surprise as my first MC series. I didn’t expect something so wonderfully written. Yes, it includes action scenes of intense violence and situations that have triggers. However, they were wonderfully written into the story and blended to where the reader didn’t feel that is all the story is about.  

If you would like to read Down & Dirty: Books 7-10: Dirty Angels MC (Dirty Angels MC Series Box Set Book 3)  you can find it on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn on qualifying purchases.

If you would like to read the entire Dirty Angels MC Series (13 book series). You can find it on Amazon. Some of them are not released yet.

This was the last of the box sets but I did discover their are a few more books to read in this series that I cant wiat to enjoy.


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