Down & Dirty: Hawk (Dirty Angels MC Series Book 3) by Jeanne St. James

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Welcome to Shadow Valley where the Dirty Angels MC rules. Get ready to get Down & Dirty because this is Hawk’s story…

When strong statements must be made, Hawk, as the MC’s VP, must be the one to make them. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences, like him landing in jail. Though the club keeps an attorney on retainer, the one who shows up isn’t quite who he’s expecting. Not even close.

Feisty, classy, and curvy, this attorney pushes his buttons in all the right ways. And Hawk can’t ignore a challenge. However, she’s so out of his league, he can’t hope for anything more than a few chances to scratch all her itches.

When Kiki’s boss hands over the club’s account, she doesn’t know what to expect and her meeting with the overbearing, bad boy biker goes anything but smoothly. Like Hawk, Kiki loves a challenge, too. But getting involved in the club and its VP may not be what she bargained for. Especially when it comes to several run-ins with a rival MC, including one which may very well affect the rest of her life.

Kiki needs to decide if becoming involved with Hawk is worth not only the judgment from her peers but, even worse, the violent mayhem the club becomes entangled in.

My Review

These books are excellent. Yes, they focus on different characters, but I love how they pick up where the last book left off with that character. In this case, the story is about Hawk and Kiki. I love how the characters in this book are from two different worlds but still find the MC club a family. Lots of stuff hit the fan in this ok and of course, not all of it get resolved. But Hawk and Kiki do work out happily despite their reservations. The brotherhood is full force in this book. It definitely includes explicit content and even maybe a trigger subject in the middle of the book. It isn’t described, but it is there for the reader to understand and does affect the conclusions of this book.

Future Reviews of this sereis will be bulked together with mutliple books and reviews.

This book contains a Triggger and senstive topic as well as excplicit content.

You can find t

You can find Down & Dirty: Hawk (Dirty Angels MC Series Book 3) by Jeanne St. James Amazon if you interested. As an Amazon associate I earn for qualifying purchases. 

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