Rise of the Omega by Robin Clement

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Loyalty, love and deception are alive in the sleepy state of Maryland….

Growing up in a pack where prestige and honor trump the existence of the mate bond, Danika Flynn the oldest daughter of three girls blessed to the Beta’s of the Harbor Moon pack is on the search of her life.

She must find her fated mate; the greatest gift the Moon Goddess could’ve bestowed on her before she is forced to break that bond forever and accept a man chosen for her based on pedigree and prestige by a pack she knew very little about; besides her childhood best friend, and Omega by the name of Dominik Rhodes was sent there on the Alpha’s orders to prove a point. Everyone had a place in the pack, even Danika.

With love, fate and her happily ever after on the line can Danika race against the clock and find her mate? Or will she be forced to accept that duty truly outweighs all?

My Review

This paranormal romance is a real underdog story with complex challenges, a beta hole, and an unfair reality thrust at the fated mates. Danika and Dominik rise against all odds to work for their happily ever after. Dominik has a profound moral compass, a genuine love for his goddess-given mate, and cares about his family. Danika is strong-willed, feisty, and a warrior at heart. You will fall in love with this couple and others in this book, there are a few you will love to hate, and this book does get steamy and twisted. However, the end of this book was just perfect, and I truly loved this stand-alone book. 

Danika believes in fated mates and happily ever afters. She understands the mating bond and looks forward to finding hers. She is the daughter of the Beta at the Harbor Moon Pack. She is also a warrior. Her best friend Dominik was an omega in her pack before her father stepped in. Danika, unfortunately, seems to be a chess piece for her father and her pack Alpha as they make a deal she doesn’t quite believe in and manipulate her to make their wishes happen. Watch for the turnaround in the plot; it will surprise you. 

We get Dominiks pov as well. He is an Omega at Mountain Woods Pack. There are a lot of secrets that surround this honorable man. This book gets juicy as he also is unmated and still looking for his.

This book has a few characters you will love to hate as your read the story. I love Danika, her strong will, feisty nature, backbone, and polite manners. But her father is an egotistical pig. I am rooting for the underdog in this story Dominik.

The story is action-packed, with intriguing moments. I have to give the author applause for both creativity and characters we all love to hate, try not to throw your e-book while reading this story. I’m unsure how this will end, as there seems to be much at stake, not just Dominik and Danika’s happiness. 

This book gets twisted as events occur, allies and enemies are made, and new faces are present. However, I love the twisted revenge the author brought into the story. Her unexpected results gave me that satisfying feeling when a character got his karma. The unexpected challenge was heartbreaking, but this story has plenty of drama. I love the underdog character and the morals the author puts into question. She does include some steamy scenes. Everything has a purpose in the story. 

I did love Dominik, Gideon, and more of the fantastic characters the author included. This book does end happily, and the challenges are worth it in the end. This story genuinely stole my heart. I loved the underdog trope and the entire storyline. 

If you want to read Rise of the Omega by Robin Clement, you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Assocaite, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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