Soren’s Legacy (Seeder Wars Series Book 5)  by J Houser

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Leah is the black eye the Green Lands never saw coming.

Born to two of the most hated rulers, she didn’t earn any points with the people by trying to assassinate their most beloved queen.

Now, she’s forced to build a new life, an uphill battle with all eyes on her. Two years after the failed assassination attempt, she’s making great strides in learning her powers, improving her reputation, and forging a new future.

All until a tiny little accident makes her question her family ties and her goals.

A teenage pregnancy was never part of her plan, and now she’s faced with the reality of starting all over again. Can her relationship with Marcus survive the scrutiny of the royal family, and that of the entire realm?

My Review

This fantasy story is much more like a traditional romance than I expected. I have to say I’m really enjoying the rollercoaster of drama and emotions. You absolutely get the fantasy vibes still with The Greenlands and the talents the Seeders and Ivies have. But Leah and Marcus’s story is a more traditional new adult romance. I love the story’s accidental pregnancy, complicated family lines, and royalty drama. We get a different side to some characters and a more in-depth connection with others.

We begin the book with Leah outside the Ivy prison, she gets some secrets dropped on her, and I can wait to know what they after that reaction.

We jump forward by a few weeks from the prologue of the book. A lot has changed in The Greenlands since the start of this series for both Seeder and Ivy females and males. Marcus is still in the picture, and Leah seems to be a mature and changed woman as she enters being an adult in the Ivy kingdom.

Oh, Leah has a big secret to drop on Marcus. Things move forward, and one wrong decision leads to another. Leah, unfortunately, is very independent and jaded and doesn’t know when to accept generosity or love from others. She is doing it to herself, but in her mind, it is justified.

This book gets emotional and darker as Leah battles with herself over her plight. I did find myself in tears a few times and completely addicted to the story. This book takes an unexpected turn, and we start to see a change in Leah and a natural maturity develop.

This book takes a very different turn as Leah and Marcus try to do stuff themselves without the help of family and friends. I’m glad that in their time away, they have matured and strengthened their understanding of themselves and each other. When they decide to come back, it is with communication and understanding. The end of this book is very much a conclusion with a great deal of growth and maturity. I like the fire in Marcus and Leah, but I also love the grown-up version of this couple.

I liked how this book ended family-wise and politically as well. The story has indeed come a long way, as have the characters; we see many personal and controversial things in this book, but I love the overall outcome.

If you want to read Soren’s Legacy by J Houser, you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases. I recommend you read this series in order, as much of the back history will make more sense. You can find the entire Seeder Wars Series on Amazon and all the previous blog articles here.

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