Every Deep Desire (Deadly Force Book 1 by Sharon Wray

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Rafe Montfort was a decorated Green Beret, the best of the best, until a disastrous mission and an unforgivable betrayal destroyed his life. Now, this deadly soldier has returned to the sultry Georgia swamps to reunite with his brothers, and take back all he lost. But Juliet must never know the truth behind what he’s done…or the dangerous secret that threatens to take him from her forever.

It took Juliet Capel eight long years to put her life back together after her husband was taken from her. Now Rafe is back, determined to protect her at any cost, and it’s not just her heart that’s in danger. The swamps hold a secret long buried and far deadlier than either of them could have imagined.

My Review

This book is Juliet and Rafe’s story, a complicated, twisted romantic suspense with many surprising moments and unexpected action scenes. I truly fell in love with the historical information, fact, or fiction; the legends, stories, and plot were captivating. This book took a while to get going, and I struggled to get into it, but it picked up in the second half, and a lot of the stuff started to make sense. I don’t feel we have all the answers but enough to enjoy the happy ending. The romance is steamy, the action is intense, and the characters are quirky. By the end of this book, I was rooting for all the people that made a difference in the story. I especially loved Callum. 

I find the map at the beginning of this book very helpful. Juliet is a military wife, and her man Rafe is deployed. It looks like she got the worst news ever. I would have loved to know what that letter contained. 

We jump to Rafe pov, and I’m having trouble placing this in the timeline of this story. He is in a deep mess, and some clues start to be revealed but still more questions than answers. Their relationship seems covered in calamity, and Juliet and Rafe are waist-deep in this mess. 

I do like Rafe’s protective bad boy side, but I’m not sure what all he is involved in. Who this Prince is and what kind of trouble he is bringing home. The authenticity of the French wording for where the story takes place is lovely and unique to this storyline, maybe even this writer. 

This book gets more profound, more twisted with a spider web spun of half-truths, murder mystery, and twisted plots, all interconnecting the characters together in this thrilling adventure. Rafe has so many secrets, Juliet is in trouble, and there is a whole host of deceit, killing, and historical clues to keep you hooked; add in the A-team issues, and this book is definitely intriguing. A modern-day Indiana Jones, but the treasure isn’t the tangible item. 

I admit the bowing man in this book is kind of weird, a strange visual for sure. I’m curious about the significance of the blue ribbon he wears and its meaning. This book gets steamy finally as we get a taste of this epic romance. 

The bowing men have an interesting way of speaking, almost like reading a Shakespearean play. Interrupting the meaning of every conversation gets daunting but adds more suspense to the book. 

Just as I thought this was going their way, it turns around unexpectedly and becomes much more action-packed. This book ends with a surprising twist you don’t want to miss and finally gives me the romance I wanted all along. 

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