Lux Wolf:(The Moon Alpha Series) by G. Bailey and Regan Rosewood

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’m finding a way back to my mate—even if it means taking the truth back with me.

After finding out Tobias betrayed everyone, he kidnapped me and took me back to his home. With the Wearbears and his family for one reason only: he believes I’m his mate and he believes our mating would stop the war.

But I have a mate, and I would never change a thing.

The war has begun, and no one is going to win… unless I stop it.

Atlas Arcturus is my mate and I will fight for the future we can have. Nothing, not even a shifter war, is going to keep us apart.

He was once my tutor, my enemy and the first male I’ve kissed.

Now he is my alpha. My mate. My future.

My Review

This paranormal fiction book is filled with action, adventure, and a badass heroine and hero. This book contains wolf shifters, magic, hybrids, and an exhilarating war between shifters. The story is action-packed and surprising, but I love the end the most—the perfect conclusion to this Academy romance. You really should read this series in order. The Moon Alpha Series is available on Amazon, beginning with Luna Wolf.

The last book ended with a massive cliffhanger. We begin this book with Nyx being kidnapped by Tobias. Nyx is a strong heroine, but I don’t think she can get out of this one alone. 

It is good to know that Atlas, her mate, Addison, her enemy, and Ivy, her friend, are working on a backup for her. Ahh, this book gets exhilarating as these mates make choices, and choices are made for them. Of course, the worst is yet to come, and we see a new side of Nyx emerge. She is a badass heroine, and I love her sassy attitude and snarky comments. She and Atlas are a force to be recognized, and I love that the author shows this in the book. The end of this book is stunning, but the perfect Academy end for them both.

If you want to read Lux Wolf by G. Bailey and Regan Rosewood, you can find this on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn qualifying purchases.

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