The Heir of Exile (Seeder Wars Series Book 4) by J. Houser

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Revelation ~ Redemption ~ Revenge

Leah never understood why her mom and aunt made them move so much. Or why her family of freaks could extend vines from their wrists. After getting caught shoplifting, again, Leah is forced to start over in a new town and high school. The friends she makes bring her understanding of the world around her crashing down. They’re like her. And they aren’t … human.

Digging deeper, Leah finds the answers her mom kept from her all these years. Her dad didn’t die in a tragic accident. He was a king, murdered by his sister to steal his throne. Fleeing a besieged palace and pregnant with Leah, her mom turned to the human world, where they were forced to live in hiding.

Wanting justice for her parents and the kingdom they once ruled over, and yearning to know how it feels to be amongst people like herself in a realm flooded with energy, Leah forms a plan.

Her ticket to learning how to enter the Green Lands, how to use her powers, and how to get in close proximity to the murderous queen—is one of her new friends. He may be handsome and sweet, but Leah’s objective is clear. Date him. Get an invite to his brother’s wedding, which the queen will be attending. Take care of business.

The queen has to die.

My Review

This book can be read as a standalone fantasy novel. Still, you should read it after the central Seeder Wars Trilogy due to spoilers. This story seems to be written from the anti-hero’s point of view, focusing on Leah as she discovers who and what she is. As she embraces her newfound knowledge, she also learns some family history that helps interconnect this book to the previous books in the series. Young love and second chances are prevalent themes in this story, with Leah and Marcus being the primary characters. This book is a very different perspective than the previous books, and I really enjoyed this young adult high school fantasy fiction. 

The prologue of this book begins with Beata. We know her as Sorens’ wife. Things are tense between Soren and Beata as this book starts in the past from where the last book ended. 

Then we jump to Leah. She gets a thrill from being naughty while shopping and using her gifts not in the best way, but she does hint at a deformity; not sure what it is, but maybe we will find out. Leah is intriguing, but it seems we’re back in high school. This book has a whole new generation of characters. Still, somehow I think they will tie back to characters from the Seeder Wars Trilogy we loved. 

We get some more hints as to whom Leah is maybe connected with family-wise and why she is in the human world. We also get a different perspective on the Seeder/Ivy War. The ya relationship is very sweet, except that she is lying and using him for her own vengeful means. Hang on as you read this; it finally makes sense who she is and who he is related to; the biggest question is, what and will he ever know the truth? Also, what will she do? 

I honestly didn’t think she would do that; she keeps surprising me. Oh, this book turns heart-shattering as misconceptions are revealed. I don’t resent the ruling that the Queen decides. I think it is pretty favorable considering the circumstance. The truth of past lives gets dark; it is unfathomable the things that come to light eighteen years in the future. Of course, the ending of this book turns into a true teenage love story. 

The author hints at another anti-hero book coming with a more new adult feel, and I can’t wait. I loved every moment of this fantasy fiction book and young adult romance. This is the perfect start to a new trilogy that continues the story with so many unique characters and generations of families. This series is remarkable, and I love every minute of what J. Houser creates. 

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