Accepting the Unacceptable by Rebecca Cassells

Rating: 5 out of 5.

From the Author of The Rising Dawn series comes this new an exciting extension of the werewolf universe that has everyone crying with tears of joy as well as sadness.

It’s hard to find your place in a world as chaotic as the supernaturals, but it’s even harder when you have to hide who you truly are in fear of being an outcast. The werewolf community is one made up of humans blessed by the Moon Goddess with a wolf companion that they can rely upon in times of stress or danger as well as in times of joy.

Meet Jade: a werewolf who had to take control of her human’s body due to fear of what said human could do to those around her. After months of running, Jade had to return to her pack in order to save them, and in return, she was granted a second chance to live within the Desert Storm Pack. Here, Jade meets Alpha Dean Stirling, bringing with him a whole new set of problems as her second chance mate!

Will they be able to overcome the dangers of being together in such an unaccepting world? Will they finally find comfort and peace in each other’s embrace?

My Review

This paranormal romance is an extension of The Rising Dawn Pack series. It does have information that you should read in the other books. This story is very different than most paranormal romance and second chance romance. Still, I enjoyed the out-of-box thinking that made this remarkable story a reality. Dean is swoon-worthy, a unique alpha and mate, but he does have a troubled past that affects his decisions. Jade is quite the character, and I love her feisty attitude and gracefulness. Her specialness plays a considerable role in this book, but you need to find out what that is on your own. This book does have the character make hard choices due to difficult circumstances, and they show a little depravity, but the end of the book is so good. I truly enjoyed this read.

Jade is a cursed werewolf, but I’m not sure what it means, but I’m sure you will understand by the end. The author ties this story back to the Rising Dawn Pack. This is very different as it is from the multiple pov. On a twist, we catch up on current events and what led Jade to the Desert Storm Pack.

Dean is Alpha to the Desert Storm Pack; we know this from the vampire issues that Rising Dawn helped with. Oh, interesting I’m not sure how that will work, but I’m curious to find out. Dean is Cyn’s brother. Ah, I finally placed where this book ends about being in the Rising Dawn series timeline. Dean has his own struggles as Alpha within his pack; add in this second chance, mate, and life just got more interesting.

Tough decisions and coercion come about separating these second chance mates before talking about their issues. Twisted, just as we think they may get another happily ever after, someone surprises us with their cruel intentions. I have to say I really don’t like this beta. I love Alpha Dean, however, and Jade is growing on me. Jade is definitely under different circumstances than most paranormal stories, and this book gets more surprising. I really want to know how they get their happily ever after. I love that the author incorporates a few steamy scenes and some unique, memorable qualities into her characters.

Dean and Jade both have a psychotic side, not saying that it isn’t justified, but their depravity is shown in the story. A lot happens, and unfortunately, some hard choices are made. Dean has a big surprise in store, and this book comes full circle but with a better ending than the beginning. I like that the author places this in the timeline of her Rising Dawn Pack books and even incorporated characters from previous books.

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