Somerset University (4 book series) by Ruby Vincent

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Ruthless ( Somerset University Book 1 )


Evergreen Academy was supposed to be my fresh start…

…and Somerset University my second chance.

All I wanted was normal. Normal classes. Normal professors. Normal sorority.

I wanted the Somerset Sallys to be like every other Greek house.

I wanted the pretty, fun, sweet sisters to be genuine. I wanted the smile of their enigmatic leader not to conceal a secret.

And I wanted the story they told me to be true.

I should have known that was too much to ask.


Somerset University was the first step.

I’d make excellent grades, better connections, and take over the Media Maven’s empire.

Joining a fraternity wasn’t part of the plan. Neither was stumbling into a disturbing plot, witnessing a kidnapping, and having the world think I’m delusional.

The Somerset Sams are not what they seem, and when they struck, they brought me to my knees.

But I am not what I appear to be either. Beneath the charming persona is the man who’ll protect the woman he loves at all costs.

For Valentina Moon, I will be what I have to be.


Wicked ( Somerset University Book 2 )


I don’t know the secrets that lurk within my sorority, and apparently neither does anyone else.

My search for the truth behind the disappearances meets with blank stares and pleas of innocence.

But someone knows.

They’re watching. They’re waiting. They’re hiding. They’re attacking the man I love.

The only way to put an end to it is to bend the Sallys to my will.

I‘m taking over and hunting the kidnappers down.

Before the next person to disappear is me.


Valentina and I share a lot of things: a love of music, dancing, and the feeling that someone is out to get me.

A year of playing servant to the wealthy, demanding, and talented is what I expected.

But I wasn’t ready for sabotage, malicious whispers, and an unknown enemy following me wherever I go.

Wicked is the one who promises with their lips but lies with their eyes.

When the unthinkable happens and Valentina is taken, I make a promise of my own.

I will save the woman I love… and destroy anyone who gets in my way

Mercy ( Somerset University Book 3 )


The more answers I unearthed, the less I understood.

I stepped into this game not knowing the rules, and now, they’re playing me to their beat.

Old faces reappear.

New friends circle.

I got closer to the puppeteer as they got ever closer to me.

And when they struck, I wasn’t ready.


A queen sacrifices for her subjects.

A president makes the hard decisions.

And a girlfriend does whatever has to be done.

I’m all three, and for my friends, sisters, and love, I’ll bring the Sallys and Sams to their knees

Redemption ( Somerset University Book 4 )


The only thing I know for sure is I don’t know anything at all.

Zeta Rho Sigma was never just a sorority and I was never really in control. A point they drove home when they toppled the final chess piece.

The man I love is gone. A wall of silence and blank faces surround me. Every day I sense I’m getting tangled tighter in someone’s web.

I will find the truth.

I will get him back.

And the Sallys and Sams will be brought to their knees.


Now, I’m pissed.

My Review

If your expecting a dark romance with relationship struggles then this is not that. This set is dark with what it entails from kidnapping to attempted rape but the realtiosnhip betweeen the main characters is loving and supportive. This series contains lots of suspense, explicit material and triggers. Each book in this series does end on a cliff hanger and each book is from a dual point of view but also from one of the men in her life.

All the characters we know and love from Evergreen Academy are in this book as now they have moved on to college. This book is dark and twisted. Can Valentina and her harem of hot men make it thru the everyday life they stumble into? 

Ruthless ( Somerset University Book 1 )

All Valentina wants is a typical college experience, so Sophia and her pledge to a fraternity on campus. Things are very average at first until they get twisted. Ezra also pledges to a brotherhood of the fraternity they did in the hope to be close to Valentina and stumbles upon conversations and actions he just can’t explain. With all that in mind, he ends up leaving, but the darkness doesn’t stop there. It is really weaved thru this story from beginning to the end. 

The author did a fantastic job bringing us an exciting twisted adventure romance. This book couldn’t get any more suspenseful from one thing to the next. It will have you spellbound. Of course, starting with The Evergreen Academy Series is a great idea to get to know the characters better as they are carried thru the story.

Valentina and her Knights now her boys are experiencing their first year of college, but of course, it can’t go all as to plan. But this book is definitely dark and twisted. This exciting adventure with so many unexpected turns that I’m even surprised our beloved characters survive. This book isn’t dark because how the boys treat Valentina is not that kind of romance. But more in the trouble, they must get over and the actions they take to defend each other and their family.

This book is from a dual point of view, jumping between Valentina and Ezra. But it also includes snippets of other points of view; however, the book read so smoothly you don’t even notice the switches. 

Wicked ( Somerset University Book 2 )

This book is mainly about Jaxson and Valentina, but all the boys are in the story. Sophomore year at Somerset University, member of the female fraternity and still suspicious of the fraternity and people who took part in the events of that last book,

Valentina is trying to have an average year. Her heart won’t just let the disappearances go. After the oops at the end of the last book, her boys are more protective than ever of her. Now with a bodyguard in tow, she gets the opportunity to become the leader of the female fraternity. Maybe then she can get the answers she needs to solve the mystery.  At the same time, we see Jaxson working hard to balance life with Valentina and his job. This book is also twisted and exciting. But it does eventually solve at least one issue in their lives. While all this is happening, Valentine is working on another with Maverick. But her safety is a priority.  

The author did a great job of creating a suspenseful romance with plenty of darkness in the corners to intrigue the readers. I loved how the original characters were all present even though they weren’t the focus. Our heroine comes a long way in this book, trusting herself and her family. Despite all the craziness going on, she didn’t totally lose it. I love how solid and mature Valentina is in this story. 

Mercy ( Somerset University Book 3 )

I love that this book picks up exactly where the last one left off, so the reader doesn’t miss anything. Maverick is the main character of this story, but of course, Valentina is in it too. Maverick is so strong, smart and is helping Valentina get to know Aiden and Sawyer from the fraternity. He gets invited to join them for a particular gentlemen-like club. This club they are hoping will unlock the secrets to all the questions they have. Unfortunately, not all goes to plan, and Aiden is always a step ahead of them. This book is filled with twists, turns, suspense, and tons of questions. Not a ton of romance, but there are some steamy scenes. The book does end on a cliffhanger hanger, and the fourth book, Redemption, isn’t out yet. 

The author does a great job of creating a situation in the book that keeps you hooked, wanting to know more. The reader perceives the danger and the reality of each choice as the characters get deeper into this unknown world. The author did a fantastic job of making a real suspenseful page-turner. Even though this book is shorter than the other is still packed with intrigue and decisions. 

Redemption ( Somerset University Book 4 )

This book starts where the last left off but from Maverick’s point of view. They are still trying to find mavericks and why the sororities are kidnapping people. This book gets steamy in the first few chapters.

With Maverick missing, Valentina finds herself grieving his loss, going from depressed to angry, and finally trying to do something about it. With Valentina involved, that’s means the other men are too.

Things aren’t what they seem, and they are no closer to the truth. But they took a huge risk for no answers. This book gets really twisted, and she finally gets the facts. But even this tale may be too unbelievable for me. I kinda want to see her happy for once with her reverse harem of hot guys.

This was one heck of a college series, definitely not your normal anything. It was full of suspense, intrigue, and mysterious issues. It all works out and a happy ending finally, although they all had to go the hell to get there.

I enjoyed the mystery and intrigue in this story. I love how determined Valentina was for her family and love. I don’t usually like reverse harem books, but this set was a nice change as they were never together all at once. They all have come a long way, and this series was full of action, suspense, hope, and love. The action and the drama all went a little too far, and the steamy scenes are scorching hot, definitely a series for a mature audience.

If you would like to read Somerset University (4 book series) by Ruby Vincent they are available on Amazon. If you would like to check out my review on The Evergreen Academy Series you can find it here. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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