The Alpha’s Property by Emma Lee-Johnson

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Eva: I used to dream about love at first sight and being swept off my feet. Instead, I have a husband who constantly humiliates me and puts me down, and has literally left me stranded at the side of the road. Life seems pretty grim until I walk into the car dealership and the most handsome man I’ve ever met tells me I belong to him.

Aiden: I’ve been waiting a long time to meet my mate, and I could never have imagined it would be someone like Eva. She’s human, for a start, and she’s already married. But dammit, the moment I laid eyes on her I knew I needed her. If there’s even a chance for us to be together, I’ll do whatever it takes to make her mine.

When Eva and Aiden’s worlds collide, it’s more than just their relationship at stake: there’s Preston, Aiden’s Beta, whose mate refuses to commit; Amber, Aiden’s sister, whose trust issues prevent her from embracing the happiness her mate bond could bring; Salma, Eva’s best friend and a Mafia princess who’s being pushed into a marriage to keep her position; Alejandro, Salma’s intended who wants a lot more from her than to share her throne; Melanie, whose eyes are gradually opened to the kind of man her lover is; and Ryan, Eva’s husband who doesn’t want her but doesn’t want anyone else to have her too.

Lives intertwine and secrets are revealed as Eva comes to terms with Aiden’s claim on her heart and soul: is she really ready to be The Alpha’s Property?

My Review

This paranormal romance is twisted, definitely needs a trigger warning for abuse, and has a swoon-worthy Alpha. This is definitely a different read as it incorporates multiple couples, mafia romance, paranormal romance, and taboo subjects. I enjoyed this book and quickly became addicted to Alpha Aiden and his mate Eva. I like the strong women despite the highlighted circumstances and the caring alpha men. The author really wowed me with a twisted story that has a lot going on and so much to follow, but I can’t wait for the next book in this series and more fabulous couples. 

Eva is a loving mother; she has a two-year-old daughter named summer. Her best friend Salma has saved her more times than she can count. She married a prick named Ryan. Who constantly let her down or make her feel unworthy. 

Aiden is the Alpha of the Onyx River Pack; they own a few car dealerships. He has been looking for his fated mate for some time but doesn’t believe it will change him. Aiden’s Beta Preston is mated to his sister Amber. Amber and Preston are not fully mated yet because she won’t accept it. His gamma Ellis is young and eager. This should be interesting. 

There are a few storylines in this book that happen simultaneously and quite a few couples to track. This book jumps a little on the timeline. I am more interested in Aiden’s human mate Eva and their story than the other couples in the book.

Salma and Eva go way back; they have been friends since college. Salma is a badass woman; we don’t get immediate knowledge of her business, but we can assume she is into something as she values privacy secrets and has some awesome talents with weapons. I love that she goes after Eva’s husband.

Ryan is a piece of work, and the character in this book will probably be the most hated. I feel bad for Eva and summer. She is a very strong woman but can only handle so much. I’m glad she finally told him to go away.  

Aiden gives us the first hints at what Salma is into and how that affects himself, his pack, and his friends. He meets Eva at his dealership, and just wow. He is so nice and so Alpha that it will leave you swooning. Eva is a firecracker. I love her instincts. 

Amber and Preston definitely add steamy scenes to this book. When we switch points of view, it is well highlighted, and I love the authenticity of the characters. Eva has a backbone finally, and I’m proud of her. I have to say I don’t like Melanie as much as I don’t like Ryan. The two of them, in my opinion, can go somewhere else. 

Ellis is an idiot and definitely deserves anything he gets for his stupidity. Gah, I can’t even handle how dumb he is. This story has several flashbacks from each character. Still, they help with the history behind their actions and decisions concerning current events.

Aiden is the absolute sweetest toward his girl. I love that this big protective Alpha has a soft side. I hate how much emotional and mental abuse Eva had to deal with in her past before Aiden. Aiden is swoon-worthy in this book, and the rest of the devoted males are as well. 

This book moves fast. Once it gets going, couples go from acquaintances to lovers, for most of them very fast. Amber and Preston are the exceptions, as they have a history already together. This book gets twisted as new information is presented for Eva, Aiden, Preston, Amber, Salma, and Ale. 

How will this complex story end? I can’t wait to find out. This book gets deranged as the characters imagine the death and destruction of the prick Ryan Jefferson. Not really necessary to the plot lines and is definitely detailed and sadistic. 

This book, despite that sadistic twist, does end happily. This story continues, but it isn’t out yet, so look forward to The Alphas Heir and more of the characters we all know and love. I love the playlist at the back of the book. 

if you would like to read The Alphas Property by Emma Lee-Johnson you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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