The Alpha’s Heir (The Onyx River Series Book 2) by Emma Lee- Johnson

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Eva should be on cloud nine. Her abusive ex-husband is out of her life for good and she’s mated to Alpha Aiden, a man who adores her. Things are never that easy, though, not when the truth about her father brings up a whole new set of challenges. She’s got to face the past before moving forward, but how far can she bend without breaking?

Meanwhile, Aiden’s attention is needed everywhere. He wants to support Eva and her transition to being his Luna, but he also must support his sister, Amber, as she faces trial. On top of that, there’s the mystery about their mother and why she disappeared from their lives. It’s a lot for any man to deal with.

He could ask for help from his Beta, Preston, but he has problems of his own, while Salma continues to search for the people responsible for poisoning her papa and her mysterious half-brother. Can she and Alejandro take the reins of their Mafia territory, or have they already been compromised?

Secrets and schemes combine in a perfect storm that threatens to tear apart the fragile happiness that’s started to grow. With everyone facing their own demons, can they all pull through this together?

My Review

This paranormal mafia fiction is chaos with many issues for our favorite characters to face between Salma and Ale, Aiden and Eva and Max, Melanie, and of course Amber and Preston; the plot in this book is a complicated mess. However, the author does a great job tying it all together. The reader sees all sides of the story and the character’s interconnections. The story is steamy, action-packed, and even made me cry. I didn’t love the ending, but I did enjoy the epilogue. I also really liked her take on Eva’s wolf and the cure for it. 

This book begins where the last left off with Eva and Alpha Aiden, his sister Amber and Beta Preston, and of course Salma and Alejandro; this story is a complicated mess with each couple’s happiness on the brink. of ruin, what will happen to the characters we know and love? 

We begin with Eva and Aiden. Eva is having family issues with her desperate mother and the bomb her father dropped in the last book. She is confused, hurt, and unsure of what she wants. Aiden, unfortunately, loves his mate and wants what’s best for her. Still, his time is divided in a million directions right now. Amber and Beta Preston live their lives on hold, waiting for answers for more than one thing. Salma and Alejandro are trying to become parents and establish their mafia strength. Still, their world is a hot mess as well. 

Eva is a fantastic character with a heart of gold and a conscious. This book becomes an adventure as Aiden and Amber head to Scotland. Oh, this book gets sad, exciting, and surprising all simultaneously. I love when Eva takes charge. Ohh 😮 that got a lot more intriguing as the author brings a curse and a new type of wolf into the mix. 

This book gets emotional as Eva and Aiden must confront their past to move on. I like how the author tied Melanie further into Eva’s life. Okay, so of course, the author wrecks me as Eva deals with her past and the pain she has endured. Beware, this book has a trigger warning and content that isn’t suitable for young readers, and even some adults may struggle with it. 

This author does a fantastic job wrapping up all the chaos in this book. However, the ending seems a little short, even though the epilogue was satisfying. 

If you would like to read The Alpha’s Heir by Emma Lee -Johnson you can find this book on Amazon. I highly encourage you to read the first book in the series first The Alpha’s Property as this will help this book make more sense. As an Amazon Assocaite, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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