Trouble in the Green Lands (Seeder Wars Series Book 2) by J. Houser

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Game is Changing.

It’s been three years since Saff made the life-changing decision to embrace her Seeder nature and move to the Green Lands. She loves her job, her husband, her Seeder family, and everything about this enchanting new realm. Life couldn’t be more perfect. Except for the disturbing new war tactics displayed by their enemies, the Ivies.

Rachel’s senior year in high school is anything but typical. Discovering her true identity as a Seeder means learning new abilities, hiding from Ivy assassins, and preparing to leave the human world behind. But something’s not right with her powers, causing crippling self-doubt and leading her to make unlikely allies. Rachel’s ready to join the rebellion, helping to put an end to centuries of unrest amongst the green folk.

But people and promises are rarely as they seem in a war filled with secrets and misdirects.

Far from being on the same page, Rachel and her new mentor, Saff, realize they can only take the needed leap of faith by trusting each other. The ultimate goal for them both is to stay alive, find out who they can trust, and just maybe, if they can manage that, they can stop a never-ending war.

My Review

This is the second book in the Seeder Wars Series. This makes a lot more sense when read in order starting with Seeder- Shadow Wars. Also check out the Q & A with J, Houser.

This book is truly and firmly fantasy. I also find it to be filled with action and adventure. I enjoyed the story of Saff, Kaylah, and Rachel, three strong but very different women. They each had a big part to play in the development of this book. I hope all the plans and changes work out. There were times in this story that were heart-wrenching, there were times of confusion, and there were moments of understanding. Don’t give up on this read. It does make sense as you read further. This book did contain some complex scenes, but no trigger warning is needed as this is a fantasy story set in a completely different world.

I love the map at the beginning of the story of the different territories. It really helps me comprehend the fantasy world the author describes. The prologue of this book is very revealing about the disintegration of the happy Ives and Seeders before the wars started and why.

This book begins with Ben. You may remember him from the last book, Seeder Shadow Wars as Saffs brother. He seems to be a soldier charged with protecting the landforms between the Seeder side and the Neutral zone. He fancies Heather as they seem to have some history from the previous book. Ben’s guard duty is the first sign of trouble we get with unexpected harsh vibes in the neutral zone and heading for their outer wall.

Saff is married to Devin. Ohh, I’m so excited for more of this couple. They are a bit older than the last book, with over two years between the stories in the timeline. We do get a look back at their relationship from her point of view. They have some tender moments but no steamy scenes so far. Saff is now a teacher in the Greenlands, training others about humans. Devin is also a teacher but, for older age, now helping others perform covert protection.

Then this book jumps to Rachel, a character we aren’t familiar with yet. Rachel is a seeder child living with her mom’s childhood friend. She has had a hard life with a lot of male role models not sticking around. Rachel is a high school senior. Her boyfriend is smooth and sweet. This was in the human world.

And we’re back to Saff in Greenland. She and Devin are so sweet. This book does jump points of view a lot, not seeming to stick to one set of characters. Now chapter 4, back to Rachel and Meg, I wonder how all this will tie together. Interesting an Ivy and a Seeder falls in love and hints of a rebellion back home.

What the heck? The author weaves an exciting story around Rachel and her ivy boyfriend. But I so didn’t expect any of that. I’m kinda stunned right now. The action gets intense as even more surprises come into play. Wow, the author really went there. I mean, it isn’t the main character but just wow. Yes, Rachel does finally connect to Saff and Devin. We understand the purpose between the split points of view and new characters.

I’m amazed by Staffs choice. I’m curious to see how this will play into the plot. This book ends not on a cliffhanger but with new developments that will lead us to the last book in this series. There is a small excerpt of it at the end, and I can’t wait I read it.

I’m anxious to see what will come of this new united rebellion. I cant wait to see what happens and how this plays out. I know I absolutely despise Prince Soren; you just can’t help but hate him mainly throughout the book. I love how Rachel, Kaylah, and Saff become heroines making intelligent decisions based on the heart.

If you would like to read Trouble in the Greenlands by J. Houser you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

Also check out the Author Q & A with J. Houser

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