The Two Kings (Afterlife Saga Book 2) by Stephanie Hudson

Rating: 4 out of 5.

After facing her nightmares head on, Keira soon finds her troubles have only just begun and if she thought mortals were dangerous then being hunted by the world’s most powerful beings will spin her further into a web of supernatural destruction.
Keira can’t help seeing the handsome man before her, she can’t help the dreams that consume her and neither can she stop him from wanting her. But the controlling man that follows her every move, isn’t the man she’s dating but the man that’s hunting her. Now it’s down to the only man with enough power to keep her safe and he doesn’t play well with others. Nor does he take kindly to people trying to take what belongs to him and Keira belongs to only one man….
Dominic Draven.
Will the fight for their love be enough to survive the new world she is forced to live in and more importantly, can she survive being with the King of the Afterlife?!

My Review

There is a warning at the beginning of this book for mature content. I do feel like this book gives us a great perspective on all Kiera’s thoughts but not so much on anyone else. 

Draven and Kiera pick io where the last book left off. This book gets steamy very quickly. This book moves into a lot of stories, some religious and some ancient. We find more about Lucius, the vampire king. 

I love how the author brings her human things into this story, and we get to watch the reaction of the very non-human as he tries to be understanding for Kiera. The family dinner is fabulous so is the bodyguard. 

Beware, this author will lull you into a sweet romance before hitting storylines that are so dark and mysterious you can’t put the book down. Unfortunately, Kiera wanders into somewhere she shouldn’t be and sees things she shouldn’t see. What will this do to her and Draven? Yes, I’m flabbergasted at this point. I thought this story would have more of the romance we saw at the beginning of the book and her and him adapting to life together. I guess I was wrong because this chapter’s veritably hit a new level of fantasy description and dark skin-tingling action. Was it a dream? Is it really, and why is it essential to the storyline? This really does show us a dark side of Draven, even darker than the intense action in book one. 

This book is full of many ups and downs, from hideous reveals of one true self to insane jealousy and, of course, the many blissful lust-hazed moments in between. Draven and Kiera sure are navigating their relationship like immature high schoolers. I kinda expected more, but it does add to the drama and build-up in the story. 

These two spat about just about everything, and it isn’t always resolved, but they always make up one way or another. Sometimes their communication skills really suck. I guess I expected more from the hybrid. This book then gets even more supernatural and confusing to the end as both Kings seem to try to keep her. Lucius does some mind-warping stuff in dreams. Draven, of course, just asks, but neither seems to win. We do find a lot more about the strength in Kiera, and this story is seriously addicting even though it is full of drama. This book ends on a massive cliffhanger. 

At this point, Kiera and Draven’s relationship is like a terrible soap opera. Every few minutes, they are fighting, making up, or she is in actual danger. However, the way the author incorporates the paranormal and supernatural into this story is so positively addicting. But be prepared. This story is long. I think this is one of the longest stories I have ever read. This book does contain some overly descriptive mature content. It also has some very dark moments in it that may be triggers for some. I find Dominick to be very brooding and angsty with anger management issues. Kiera is strong, but she is also fragile. I see some of her thoughts as immature, and maybe she causes a lot of the drama in the book. I can’t wait it read the next book in this saga and find out what happens next. 

If you would like to read The Two Kings by Stefanie Hudson you can find this book on Amazon. This is book two in the twelve book Afterlife Saga. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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