Night Shade (Chronicles of The Otherworld Book 1) by Melissa Cummins

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Daniella has only ever known one person she could rely on: herself. But when she meets The Novaks, everything changes. They become her closest friends, colleagues, and an integral part of her life. But The Novaks hold deadly secrets, and the night Daniella is attacked, she learns them all.

Gregori Novak is the leader of the largest vampire circle in the United States, and the moment he met Daniella, he knew he’d found his mate. But the ongoing vampire war forces him to keep his distance from the person he wants most. Greg thought the lies and secrets would keep her safe, but he was wrong. Now the enemy knows her identity, and he will stop at nothing to destroy them both.

In a world where monsters are real and powers run rampant, can Daniella forgive Greg and embrace immortality as his mate, or will the lies, death, and darkness of The Otherworld be too much for her to bear?

My Review

I received a free copy of this book from the author and I am leaving an honest review voluntarily. 

The intro to this book is quite fascinating. I can’t wait to read and learn more about Daniella and Gregori. 

This book begins with a very intimate steamy scene between Daniella and Alexander. Daniella lives and works in New York City at the Novak firm. Obviously, he isn’t who she desires as she imagines him as another man. Daniella seems to have an innate intuition that isn’t always practical but ordinarily correct. 

Greg Novak seems to be level-headed and caring. He is sweet to Daniella, and they work together at the firm he founded. A business issue comes up, and he is wise, a bit harsh in handling things, not assigning blame but finding a solution. 

Shortly after the business conversation, we see the real side of Greg Novak, and he reveals his paranormal nature. What do you think he is? Does Daniella know? Luke and Mya are also probably of this paranormal world. Interesting, Daniella is his mate, and they seem to be in some kind of a war with an opposing paranormal.  

This book gets exciting. Very quickly, Daniella gets attacked in her home. But guess who comes to save her, and of course, her attacker drops a ton of information he shouldn’t have, so now we are sure we are dealing with Vampires. But not just any vampire, Gregori Novak seems to be like a boss for the Novak family of vampires. Daniella is still something we aren’t sure of but definitely not all human. 

Oh, this book does help us discover more about her, and it is very interesting she is not an average human. Instead, she is blessed with her own power. The author throws in some interesting twists in the story stuff I didn’t expect but loved. I love that author incorporated more than just vampires in this story. Her inclusion of fated mates, immorality, and elemental magic make this an exciting story.

This book has some epic action scenes right before the end of the story. No cliffhanger, and the couple does get their happy ending, although not everything is resolved. There are some unexpected results from the meeting in the caverns. 

I thought it was awesome that the story isn’t just about protecting his mate but also including her. She was so strong but astute, and I loved that the author had a strong hero and heroine in the story. Each of the characters was amazing and inspiring, from Greg to Daniella and even Luke and Mya. They each have their own story, personality, and history. 

This story was predominately about Greg and Daniella. It includes lots of suspense and steamy scene. I love how Daniella embraced this new world and learned what she could to help fight back and protect herself while also embracing the love and mates aspects. She didn’t shy away or become a damsel basket case; instead, she wrapped her head around it and jumped in. I do wish there were more conversations about the vampire world or fated mates and less kissing. I do feel like something was missing in the explanation to her about fated mates.

 I thought this was a fantastic read for a vampire romance, including lots of action, caring, and steamy scenes. I would love to read more about them and their friends in the future. 

If you would like to read Night Shade (Chronicles of The Otherworld Book 1) by Melissa Cummins you can find it on Amazon. Also check out the Author Q & A with Melissa Cummins . As an Amazon associate I earn on qualifying purchases.

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