Moon Bound (The Witches’ Bind Trilogy Book 2) by M.L. Philpitt

Rating: 4 out of 5.

All I wanted was to get away from my coven and its archaic rules. My dream is to live a regular human life, but when my wish is to leave the coven is granted, of course there’s strings attached. Given to the shifter pack near us, freedom is even further way. The only good thing about my new life is the sexy, new alpha of the pack, Ryder. But submitting to this life still means captivity, and no matter what kind of attraction we have, I refuse to accept it regardless of what fate may be trying to tell me.

I needed magic to save my dying father, and what I got instead was a witch who wants out of the supernatural life. She gives me more than I bargained for when I realize she’s my future. We reach an understanding, but she’s bound and determined to leave the pack and coven life behind. But I won’t let her go, as even if she’s chosen to fight me on this, she belongs with me.

My Review

I love the playlist at the beginning of the book. This book still comes with mature content and trigger warning. Although I don’t feel the trigger warning is necessary, there isn’t anything vicious or evil intent in the triggers in the book.

This book also starts in the past, jumping into a story of wolves and witches. With Mary being assigned a task by the Goddess. The book does jump back to the present time and back to the end of the first book.

Ryder is a wolf shifter and soon to be alpha. Still, he hates witches, especially since they spelled his father’s magic away, leading him to an early demise.

Carina is a witch and granddaughter of the coven leader. She honestly prefers humans ways and not the arranged marriage her grandmother insists on. She wants to be a nurse to use her gift to help others.

Things don’t turn as planned as Ryder captures Carina to use her to his advantage. But then Mary shows up, and this gets even more confusing.

This book gets twisted as Ryder lets lose his capture. He does what he wants and has been thinking about but gets shocked by a revelation. I’m not sure how this will work out in the long run, as this couple seems to have many obstacles.

Ohh, mary drops into the picture and gives this book a nice slower twist. Now they must figure it out as to why they are redrawn to each other? I wonder if this somehow relates to the prologue. I wonder if Carina is a half-breed as well or if he is?

Wow, this book is shocking, full of emotional triggers and pulls that will leave tears in your eyes. Carina actually does something I didn’t think was possible. Poor Ryder. While he is still dealing with this unthinkable action, he gets more news. I wonder if it will change the outcome.

This book gets steamy, and they both discover the meaning of love. They also both discover the meaning of sacrifice for love. This turns into a delightful romance. Fate is a fickle timeline changing our future as we perceive our decision. The Goddess in this book plays with fate by pairing and ensuring the mated couple find each other and love each other. Despite their wants and desires. She guides them toward an outcome she deems to help end the witches’ hatred toward other species and covens.

I really enjoyed this book; it was a great wolf shifter story. I loved the witch introduction in it and how it came about. I also loved that both witches and wolf shifters lived hidden from society as best as possible, the wolves more so than the witches. I loved that their past came full circle from the book’s prologue that had a sad outcome. I love the effort Ryder put into showing love rather than a bond, although it took time for that to come about. When it finally did, and she realized it too, it was charming. The author did a great job weaving all stories together in a different way that is exciting to read and delve into.
I look forward to the next book in this series and what fate they may be playing with.

If you would like to read Moon Bound by M.L. Philpitt you can find it here on Amazon. You can also see the other books in The Witches’ Bind Trilogy and dont forget to grab the next book in the series which you can preorder now on Amazon. I look foward to reading Union Bound when it releases. As an Amazon associate I earn on qualifying purchases.

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