Cure Bound (The Witches’ Bind Trilogy Book 1) by M.L. Philpitt

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Magic-less and descended from the Sinclair coven, I’m nothing but the cure to vampirism. Vampires have hunted my family for centuries and I’m no exception. My dark captor claims to not want my blood…for himself. He’s the devil incarnate, but I can’t bring myself to completely despise him. Not when he tempts me so.


I vowed to wipe out the entire Sinclair coven after one of theirs took what mattered most to me. She’s all that’s left. Driven by centuries of hate and a long-standing vow, I strike the deal: sell her blood in exchange for her life. It should be simple, until fate intervenes. But then, fate no longer matters…not when my growing feelings toward her outweigh my vow.

My Review

I love the playlist at the beginning of the book. This book does come with a trigger warning it is dark and for a mature audience. The books in this series are stand-alone, but there is an overarching theme throughout the trilogy. This book jumps between perspectives, sometimes repeating the same scenes as it jumps between the main characters. 

The book starts in the past with a goddess, a prophecy, and tasks to complete for the witch, a look into the future. Then we meet Alec, a vampire with a vengeance he has sworn to kill the Sinclair line of witches. He also seems to lose his humanity and be covered by darkness. Little does he know what’s to come. 

Alex finds out and plans his revenge on the poor surviving Sinclair witch with another vampire.  

Harlow is a young girl and a Sinclair witch. She knows of the curse in her family and the vampires who want her. She has had trauma as she lost her father on her birthday because of who she is. 

She gets taken by him to his castle. I can’t wait to see where this goes, as they are obviously drawn to each other. This book is dark with themes of explicit content. Honestly, some of it was a little unsettling, but there were glimpses of natural behavior. This book includes a lot of steamy scenes. 

Eventually, Alec gets trampled by fate and doesn’t have a choice but to change his ways. But when he does, it kinda explodes on him, and I feel bad for him as I see instances of a heart in that vampire. I also don’t blame her for being angry with him. 

Fate really dictates this book as secrets come to light. Prophecy and guidance help turn the tide of the story into something much more romantic and less dark. As the story takes on a new path, our characters also welcome fates’ inconvenient guidance. They were hot and cold for a while, which was frustrating as a reader. I wanted the change sooner than it happened in the story. 

However, I am glad this story took a chance, and as I did, I fell even more in love with the ideas the author was introducing. This story isn’t one to discount just because it sounds like a sociopath at the beginning. If you can get thru the dark moments, you’ll find a light at the end of the book. I won’t tell you how it ends, but I liked how the author presented her ideas. It was an exciting concept of prophecy, spells, and a cure for vampires and fated mates with the unexpected. I love how the author hammered in that the bond didn’t create the characters’ emotions between themselves. I can’t wait to read more from this author as I love how she guides the reader thru the story and her concepts in it. She is very descriptive and embraces many fantasy themes and paranormal theories in her writing. 

If you would like to read Cure Bound by M.L. Philpitt you can find it on Amazon . As an Amazon assocaite I earn on qualifying purchases.

This book is part of a series not all the books are available yet however you can find the series here.

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The next book in this Series, Moon Bound releases on 8/19/2021 make sure you add it to your tbr list . Review on it coming soon.

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