The Romeo Arrangement (Knights of Dallas Book 1) by Nicole Snow

Rating: 5 out of 5.

He never bothered with hello.
The shrieking hot stranger had me dizzy the instant he said we’re engaged.
Then he chased off the bully on our heels and dragged me back to his place for the night.
Pure insanity, right?

You don’t let pride do the talking when you’re homeless, on the run, and hauling around your sick father in a truck so old it must’ve been on Noah’s Ark.
You definitely don’t complain when Ridge Barnet takes charge.
(In)famous heartthrob. Stinking rich. Fed up owner of one angry rooster. Eyes set to permanent storm.

Of course, it doesn’t end there.
My unexpected Romeo doubles down on this ridiculous “fake fiancée” rescue scheme.
One blazing kiss shatters worlds.
I’m swept up in a small-town fairy tale, wishing I hadn’t lost my faith in wishes years ago

He’s saving my life. Hero and done. Nothing more.
Prince Charmings don’t really marry pumpkin farmers from Wisconsin.
Give me strength.
Tell me his gaze doesn’t scream obsession.
Save me from his oh-so-believable growls.
Help me believe our little arrangement never, ever ends in “I do.”

My Review

The books in this series are full length novels so each one will get it’s own review. This is the story of one impulsive former movie star with a hero complex and one pumpkin farmer that’s been under the shadow of trouble for far too long. I loved it!

This book is written in first person, present tense, which kind of threw me off at the start. I’m just not used to it and it took a minute to adjust. It does a terrific job of pulling you in and the author makes sure you know exactly whose head you’re in at the start of each chapter. There’s no bouncing back and forth in between. That helped a lot.

Grace and Ridge have a lot of stuff to unpack in order to be together and they did a terrific job of doing so. He is in, full throttle, nearly from the start (that impulsiveness at play). It takes Grace a while to fall in line. Sure, she agrees to the plan, mostly to help her father, but closer to the end she realizes she’s really in it as well and she’s willing to take that leap with Ridge.

Cornelius, the only animal on Ridge’s new ranch, provided a bit of fun as did Edison, the neighbor’s horse that everyone would vote in for mayor if he would only put his name on the docket.

This is a stand alone story and totally worth the read if you love impulsive guys with a hero complex and feisty ladies that put family first. This is a mature read and is available on Amazon. As an Amazon associate, I earn for qualifying purchases.


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