The Worst Best Friend by Nicole Snow

Rating: 4 out of 5.

It’s all sunshine and butterflies until your brother’s best friend dropkicks your heart.
I knew I had it coming with Weston McKnight.
The Adonis next door. The fever crush. The always protector.
The man who walked away after pulverizing my soul.

Seven years ago, he left our little town with a promise he couldn’t keep.
I waited. I worried. I suffered.
I stopped chasing dreams built on that boy’s mile-wide shoulders.
Then I found the pig—and sweet chaos found me.

I had to rescue that poor squealing baby before he was roadkill.
I didn’t know he belonged to Captain McGrumpy.
I never guessed I’d collide with a scowling, moody, scary-hot West again.
Same man. New secrets. Oh, but that all too familiar tension…

We’re stuck as frenemy neighbors for the next two months.
Facing a dilemma with bittersweet memories and flaming glances.
What’s the harm in seeking a little closure?
Can we even use words without risking an all out kissing war?
Am I in trouble with my worst best friend again?

My Review

I’m pretty sure this is part of the Knights of Dallas series even though it isn’t listed as such. It has all the characters from the previous books and takes place in Dallas, ND. There’s plenty of reference to things that have happened previously (not so much that you have to read the other stories to understand the book, but if you’ve read them, you get the references).

This is the story of Weston and Rachel. She is back in town to help her grandmother run Amelia’s B&B after she has hip surgery. She, Weston, and her brother, Marty, were besties growing up. Rachel and Weston have fallen out of touch due to his decision to protect her by not writing while he’s in the military and all these years later, she’s still angry and hurting and bewildered.

First thing when Rachel gets back to town, she’s at a monster truck rally and runs onto the field to save our new animal hero – Hercules the blue-ribbon pig. He’s been handed off to Weston for safekeeping by his aging Aunt Faye (remember Grady and the girls? That Aunt Faye). Herc is another town Houdini and loves getting into trouble and saving the day. He falls for Rachel the first time she brings him scraps from Amelia’s.

Over the course of the story, there is a string of break-ins and suspicious activity. Weston brings in the others for help as needed and protects their aging relatives who happen to live in marvelous houses full of amazing antiques – and it’s antiques that are disappearing.

The pair of them have to work through their stubbornness, the fact that they have both grown up into different people, and what he went through overseas. It takes time and effort but they do get their happily ever after.

Another great addition to the Knights of Dallas storyline and I recommend it. If you haven’t read them, here’s the review for the first in the series, The Romeo Arrangement. This is for mature audiences only and is available at Amazon.

If you would like to read The Worst Best Friend by Nicole Snow you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn qualifying purchases.

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