Treasured by the Alien (4 book series) by Honey Phillips and Bex McLynn

Book 1 – Mama & the Alien Warrior

Can a weary warrior and an abducted single mom save each other?

Abby Wentworth never regretted abandoning her corporate career to adopt her orphaned niece and run a maternity home. But she certainly never expected to find herself and her girls abducted by aliens who intend to sell them as breeders.

When they are rescued by a massive alien and his crew, desires she has long suppressed start to surface. She finds herself unexpectedly drawn to the captain who treats both her and her daughter with unwavering devotion.

Until his ship intercepts an illegal Vedeckian trader, Captain Hrebec is resigned to spending his life alone. The Cires lost their females to a plague many years ago. Now for the first time, this luscious human female has him longing for a mate and a family.

But Abby has to get her girls back to Earth, and Hrebec may have one last chance to save his race. Will their duties force them apart? Or will they finally find a family of their own?

Book 2 – A Son for the Alien Warrior

Can she create a new family with an alien warrior?

On the anniversary of the disappearance of Mariah’s sister and nephew, Mariah returns to their last known location, expecting to find only painful memories. Instead, she encounters an alien spaceship and recklessly sneaks aboard, taking one last chance to be reunited with her family.

The desperate move sends her across the galaxy and straight into the arms of a massive alien warrior who is determined to protect her. But no matter how much she is drawn to him, she will not be distracted from her goal—to find her missing family at all costs.

Years ago, when Captain Cestov and his brother argued over the fate of their dying race, his brother stormed out of his life. He has been searching for him ever since. He never expected his search to lead him to a distant planet, a troubled ranch, and a little boy who calls him Daddy. And he certainly never expected an enticing human female who makes him consider putting down roots for the first time.

Neither Mariah nor Cestov ever thought they would find a permanent home. But can their shared love for a child help them to move on to a new future as a family? Or will the ghosts from their pasts tear them apart?

Book 3 – Daughter of the Alien Warrior

Can a grieving alien warrior and a desperate mother overcome their painful pasts through the shared love of a child?

One year ago, Jade’s husband was killed and the baby she had wanted for so long disappeared. She has been searching for her daughter ever since. Nothing – not even being abducted by aliens – is going to stop her.

She doesn’t expect to find a daughter who doesn’t know her; one who clings to a huge, green alien instead. Despite her own attraction to the older warrior, she will do whatever it takes to get her daughter back.

Inzen lost his wife and daughter many years ago in the terrible plague that threatened to destroy the Cire race. When his ship rescued a group of abducted women and infants, he willingly took on the care of one of the children.

Then a luscious human female appears, demanding the return of her daughter and he is faced with once again losing a child.

When danger threatens, can Jade and Inzen come together for the sake of the child they both love?

Book 4 – A Family for the Alien Warrior

A grumpy alien warrior. A pregnant librarian. A ready-made family?

Wanda has never hankered after excitement – or romance. A quiet life as a small town librarian suits her just fine. But while she doesn’t need a man, she does want a child. Just as her hard-earned dreams come true, she is abducted by aliens.

Now she’s been abandoned by her captors and assumed responsibility for two orphaned children, a pregnant alien, and a misplaced socialite. When their lifeboat is intercepted by a very large, very green, and disturbingly attractive alien, she isn’t sure if her situation has gotten better or worse.

Knowing that his race is doomed, Mganak has built a peaceful, solitary life for himself. When the lifeboat he salvages turns out not to be deserted after all, he is determined to pass on the responsibility for its inhabitants – no matter how much the curvy little female and her brood arouse his protective instincts.

But Wanda’s alien captors are hot on their trail, his ship is damaged, and the more time he spends with Wanda, the less he wants to let her leave. Could it be that his quiet life is not so perfect after all?

Book 5 – The Nanny and the Alien Warrior

Can an alien warrior who has given up hope find a new future with the woman and child who need him?

Joanna is snatched away from her peaceful academic life and sold to K’herr, a forbidding alien warlord. To her relief, he only wants her as a caretaker for his precocious daughter, Sultavi.

A year later, Lord K’herr is dead, and Joanna and Sultavi are on the run from his killers. Their only hope is to locate a down-on-his-luck mercenary who owes K’herr a debt of honor. Joanna doesn’t expect to find a massive green warrior with the saddest eyes she’s ever seen.

Craxan lost his family and his future in the great plague that decimated the Cire race. Since then, he’s led a hollow life using his warrior skills for anyone who can pay.

When the daughter of an old acquaintance appears, demanding his assistance, he reluctantly agrees to help her. But the delightful little girl – and the enchanting human female who accompanies her – quickly win him over.

He promises to take them to safety, but the more time he spends with them, the more he is convinced that they belong with him. He finally has a cause worth fighting for – but even if he can keep them safe from their enemies, what does a worn-out warrior have to offer?

My Review

This is my third foray into alien romances and I’m starting to get a handle on the expectations here. Plague to wipe out the women, women and children are a bit of an oddity and super lucrative if you’re not too worried about right and wrong. Super protective and affectionate men. Some kind of otherness to set the aliens apart. I like it.

In book one, Mama and the Alien Warrior, we meet Hrebec, Abigale, her daughter Lucie, and several other women and children that were kidnapped by skin traders. Hrebec’s people suffered a devastating plague that destroyed their female population and efforts to rebuild so far have failed. The High Council is adamant that they cannot breed with anyone outside of their own kind and are thwarting their own efforts to produce children. Hrebec falls for Abigale and her daughter and is delighted at the idea of an instant family. I love how deeply these aliens cherish children. Human, hybrid, cire, they don’t care. In a time where it’s trendy to fuss about our kids, these people can’t even hope to have them and when they find some, they treasure them. I really enjoyed that.

In book 2, A Son for the Alien Warrior, we meet Mariah and Cestov. Mariah is searching for her sister and nephew and stows away aboard an alien vessel that landed exactly a year later in the same place her family disappeared from. Cestov promises to help her find her family while doing some searching of his own. We briefly see Hrebec again but this pair moves on to a different planet before they figure out their happily ever after. We see a little more of how the plague has affected his people and other planets.

Daughter of the Alien Warrior, book 3, really tugged my heart strings. I’m not sure if it was that well written or because, as a parent, I could sympathize so deeply with the main characters. We meet Inzen again, and he volunteers to pick up Jade, possible mother of one of the babies they rescued in book 1. She’s toughened up a lot since her daughter’s disappearance and is willing do to whatever it takes to find her little girl. I found this story to be more emotional than the others and loved it. I also loved that while the characters had their issues to work through, when they made a mistake they owned it. Inzen is so sweet. He lost his family to the plague and when he adopts one of the orphan children he truly appreciates what he has. He hates to see her cry, is so indulgent and just an adorable dad. Jade helps him learn that it’s okay (and good!) to say no sometimes even if it makes their daughter cry.

Book 4, A Family for the Alien Warrior, we meet Wanda and Mganak. She is a librarian who used IVF to get pregnant because she was tired of waiting. He took over The Wanderer and is running a single man salvage operation. The ladies and children are jettisoned in the lifeboat so the Valdeckians can avoid getting caught and Mganak salvages the boat. We learn a little more about the Valdeckians and get to despise them even more for how they treat Kareena. When the Valdeckians return for their goods, The Wanderer takes damage and they have to land on a nearby space station, where we learn a bit more about Mganak’s past. They all come together in a sweet family unit that just makes you happy to see.

Book 5, The Nanny and the Alien Warrior, we meet In this installment, we meet Craxan and Joanna. She was taken and sold as a slave to watch over Lord K’herr’s young daughter. When he is murdered by the competition, and his daughter is hunted so she can legitimize his claim to the throne, they run. Craxan is hired to deliver them safely to Trevelor. He gets them off the planet and is immediately taken with the pair. They represent everything that Cire has lost and that he wishes he had. Their forced proximity quickly leads to a greater understanding of each other and they work to overcome their issues so they can be together, with Saltavi. He takes to the role of pretending to be her father with enthusiasm and her delight is his delight. They are adorable together.

Overall, I really enjoyed this series. It had lots of characters to love and root for and your expected villains to get their butts kicked. Heartstrings were pulled, giggles were smothered at midnight so I didn’t wake up my husband, and the endings were quite satisfying.

This series is comprised of stand alone stories with happily ever afters that you can read in any order. There are mentions of other stories but you can readily understand what’s going on in each book on its own. I highly recommend if you’re into sweet romances and happily ever afters.

These are for mature readers. The Treasured by the Alien series is available on Amazon. As an Amazon associate I earn for qualifying purchases. 

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