Exposed to the Elements (5 Book Series) by Honey Phillips

Book 1 – The Naked Alien

Can Jane survive alone on an alien planet? And is she really alone?

Jane has no interest in the great outdoors. She prefers her comfortable bed, her books, and all the conveniences of modern life. So when she wakes up alone and naked in what appears to be an alien jungle, her only goal is to find her way home.

The question of whether or not she’s alone is answered when a massive stranger comes to her rescue. Her savior is big and growly and he doesn’t speak her language – but the heat in his eyes doesn’t need translation…

Commander Taraxan’s people may have mastered advanced technology, but they have never forgotten their primitive roots. So when he wakes up naked and weaponless on an unknown planet, he is annoyed but not alarmed.

As he searches for a way to return to his civilization, he discovers a strange, pale female blundering around the jungle. Oblivious to the hazards surrounding her, she is clumsy, helpless… and completely adorable. As an honorable warrior, he has no choice but to protect her – but he doesn’t expect the task to be so rewarding…

Can two complete opposites survive the jungle – and their sizzling attraction to one another? And what possible future awaits a human woman and an alien commander who are both determined to return to their own worlds?

Book 2 – The Bare Essentials

Can Janet survive the heat of an alien desert? And the heat of the alien warrior who finds her?

One minute Janet is sliding into a snow bank. The next she is alone in the middle of a strange pink desert. Alone and naked.

When a huge, golden-scaled male appears out of the shifting sands, she is convinced that he is a mirage. But the fiery pleasure of his touch feels too real to be an illusion.

Sabrost is preparing for his final initiation as a priest of Tetlana when he is snatched away from his temple. The desert in which he awakens reminds him of his ancestral sands. But his ancestors would never have accepted the delicate female who arouses all of his protective instincts.

The desert holds many secrets – not the least of which are the secrets of the heart. Which will prove most treacherous as Janet and Sabrost make the perilous trek to safety?

Book 3 – A Nude Attitude

Can Erica survive the hidden dangers of an alien ocean? And the charms of the alien convict stranded with her?

Erica desperately needs a break from her domineering father – especially his latest scheme to marry her off so she can produce an heir. When she wakes up on a tropical island, it almost seems like the answer to a prayer…

Except she’s naked, alone, and she’s never seen an island quite like this before. She’s certainly never seen anyone like the big blue alien who walks out of the sea with a fierce grin and a massive spear.

A’rien is smooth, charming – and unlucky. When his latest scheme goes awry, he is tried and convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. His fate seems certain, but instead, he wakes up on an unknown planet. He has everything he needs to survive, including a strange, beautiful female. Has his luck finally turned?

But the more time A’rien spends with Erica – teasing her, protecting her, touching her – the more he realizes that she doesn’t belong in this world. Will he give in to his desire to keep her – or will the conscience he never knew he had insist that he let her go?

Book 4 – The Buff Beast

Can Mina survive the icy cold of an alien winter? And melt the heart of the hardened alien warrior who rescues her?

Her home. Her job. In a few short months, Mina has lost everything, including hope. Freezing and alone on a winter night, she isn’t sure if she will make it to the next day. Or even if it matters.

She wakes up to find herself naked and freezing, but no longer alone. An angel appears out of the snow to save her. An angel with fangs and claws, and a pain in his eyes which matches her own.

Betrayed by everyone he cares about, Myk-El retreats into a solitary life of study and discipline. When he finds himself alone on a strange planet, his only real regret is that his books did not accompany him.

Then he finds a fragile, helpless female in the snow. Experience has taught him not to trust, but he cannot resist the appeal in her big, blue eyes. As he thaws her frozen body, she begins to thaw his frozen heart.

But when the hidden forces behind their arrival on the planet make their presence known, will Mina be able to save him in return? Or will they use her to destroy him?

Book 5 – The Strip Down

Can Amanda discover the secrets behind an alien ruin? And the mysterious alien with the haunted eyes?

Amanda is happy with her life as an elementary school teacher – and making plans to expand her family. Waking up naked and alone on an alien planet is not on her schedule.

Desperate to return to Earth, she reluctantly accepts the help of the massive alien who appears out of the sands. But the more time they spend together, the more complicated her need to return becomes.

Va’rik awakens to find himself alone on the edge of an ancient desert. He is quite sure he has an important task to perform – the only problem is that he can’t quite remember what he needs to accomplish.

When he encounters a strange, beautiful female, assisting her becomes his mission. But as his memories start to return, he realizes that helping her leave is the last thing he truly wants.

Can Va’rik keep his vow to Amanda, even if it means the future of his race – and his own happiness – are in jeopardy?

My Review

To be honest, these popped up on my Amazon suggestions and I picked them because the names made me laugh. I mean seriously, The Buff Beast? Nude Attitude? Bare Essentials? Naked Alien? Of course I’m going to read that! They are shorter stories rather than full length novels, but that doesn’t make them any less sweet. These are stand alone stories with hints of something else going on. If you skipped the epilogues, you wouldn’t lose anything from the stories, but as they progress you will meet other characters again.

The Buff Beast just came out and I can’t wait to read it. Based on the description I feel that one is going to have the hardest time between the main characters. I can’t wait to find out! The Strip Down sounds like it will be good and I put it into my calendar so I know when it comes out.

There is a moderate amount of world building in this series. We have the planet they end up on (empty except for them) and we have at least four different alien species to learn about. We get some interesting glimpses into Taraxan’s and Sabrost’s cultures. They are the most well defined by their home worlds. A’rien comes across as more a drifter. He’s had it rough and isn’t terribly attached to anything except his own hide.

So, book one is The Naked Alien and introduces us to Jane and Taraxan. Jane is an indoors-type while Taraxan is a military guy that loves a little survival training for fun. They wake up naked in a strange jungle and have to figure out where to go and what to do and fall for each other while they do it. Taraxan is cautious and a protector.

In book two, The Bare Essentials, we meet Janet and Sabrost. Janet is saved from a car crash, while Sabrost is taken from a monastery before his final initiation. They discover a bit more about the planet’s history than the other couples and it makes you curious what happened there, when, and why. Of the guys, Sabrost is by far the sweetest and most innocent. It’s adorable.

A Nude Attitude is the third book in the series and introduces Erica and A’rien. She works with her overbearing (and slightly insane) father while A’rien does whatever he needs to survive. A’rien is more self-serving and willing to let Erica make a few mistakes so she comes around to his way of thinking.

I’ll update as soon as I’ve read The Buff Beast!

Exposed to the Elements is available on Amazon.As an Amazon associate I earn for qualifying purchases.

UPDATE: I decided to read The Buff Beast for my first book of the summer reading challenge and then read the whole thing this morning when I should have been working. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Myk-El and Mina are a terrific couple. Both pulled from empty lives, they find a way to build a new one together. He faces his fears and realizes she’s the one for him and she learns to fight for what she wants instead of letting it go. We also find out what the heck is going on with this planet and why the kidnappings. Very nice. I’m intrigued on how the next book is going to go. I can’t wait for The Strip Down to come out. If you haven’t read this series yet, you really should get started! They are quick, easy reads. This one took just over an hour, so get to it! 🙂

UPDATE: The Strip Down. In this (possibly final) installment, we get to see Va’rek and Amanda. This one is different in that Va’rek is one of the creators of the experiment that is now trying it out to make sure it will be successful for their people. His partner chooses Amanda for her seemingly unattached life and perfect fit for him. She is a perfect fit, but she is working on fostering a young boy and is insistent on getting back to earth for him. Once he finds out this is the case, he is crestfallen that such a perfect woman cannot stay and live as his mate but it never crosses his mind to try to change hers. We learn a bit more about the history of the planet as Va’rek recovers his memories and it makes you glad to know they’re on the brink of saving everyone that’s left. The ending gives you all the feels and wraps up the series wonderfully.


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