Another Chance at Happiness by Dani Phoenix

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Newly independent after a long-awaited divorce from an emotionally abusive husband, LELA is finally following her dreams. She reaches out to her former lover, NATHAN, to inspect her potential B&B purchase. Months later, he appears with startling news of his own impending divorce. Lela grabs at this chance to be with him but soon discovers her insecurities, his guilt, his wife’s underhanded manipulations, and his family’s firm feelings about his marriage and their relationship threaten their chance at happiness.
Trapped in an unfulfilling marriage with a wife who criticizes and rejects him, Nathan struggles with pride and feelings of failure both as a husband and as a father. He willingly sacrifices his own happiness for his boys and his faith; however, the sudden revelation of his wife’s own infidelity gives him the push he needs to seek out his own happiness, with Lela.

My Review

This story contains a few tropes that got me interested in the first place, like the second chance romance and, later in life, characters. This story was filled with surprises; there were moments I thought they were done together, where was the ending, and then the author would blindside me with an emotional rollercoaster. But I didn’t expect the emotional rollercoaster contained within the pages. This book has a classical drama and a Christian fiction feel to the story, with many religious thoughts. This book does have its moments of steamy intimacy and sensitive subject matters. They may be too realistic, for some, might need an author warning. However, the drama in the story was very appropriate to Lela and Nathan’s age and current life circumstances. I loved the grand gesture at the end and was overly surprised. 

Lela is freshly divorced and looking to start her bed and breakfast. Nathan and Lela have some form of history together. They have an exciting conversation that looks one-sided and leaves you with more information than you expected. 

Life is complicated for both of them, her having recently divorced, them having a history together, and him currently beginning to divorce. They both have children and their own issues to deal with. I like that this book is written later in life, and many people can relate to the characters.

Lela is a little self-deprecating, and Nathan seems to be blinded by his desires instead of seeing the truth in front of his face. This book gets steamy as they can’t help the chemistry they have. We find out that both Lela and Nathan have been damaged by their past, which changes how they approach things now in adulthood. Honestly, this romance is like reading about a midlife crisis. 

Lela’s expectations vs. reality is a very emotional moment in this story. I love it when she is on cloud nine, but the reality comes crashing down again, and eventually, wearing her heart in her sleeve will wrap you up emotionally to have you crying with the book’s sad moments. Nathan, on the other hand, I understand his frustrations, but at the same time, he isn’t perfect, as clearly shown since this is a second-chance romance story. 

The intimate acts in this book need to be better described, but they are unique sometimes. There are moments they act like teenagers who are oblivious to anyone else but each other, and then there are moments where their maturity shines through. The story has a specific women’s fiction theme, even with the second chance romance. Nathan is charming and struggles with communication and confidence. Lela is brave, but she also struggles with self-esteem. 

This book hammers home some complications with later in-life divorces and parenting. Trouble in paradise, but will they communicate to work thru it? Can they heal the hurt by getting together again one more time? This book is a rollercoaster to your emotions, and just when I think, I’m ready to give up on the monotony of their lives. The author throws an unexpected monkey wrench at the end of the story. The author throws in a moment that wrecks me, and then I want the happy, peaceful times again. With the difficulties and decisions, it turns into more of a third-chance romance. 

I love the epilogue of this story. It had some surprises but also brought us back to that swoony part of the story everyone loves.

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