Lorenzo: Perpetual Fantasy Rock Band, Book 4 by Ann Edwards

Rating: 4 out of 5.

It was supposed to be a simple vacation, until it wasn’t.
I love my band brothers and their mates are just as great. However, I need a break from it all. I struggle with jealousy watching them enjoy what I want, so when the tour gets put on hold, I decide to escape for a while.

My boyfriend is a jerk. How I ended up dating a spoiled rich kid that doesn’t understand the meaning of the word ‘no’ I will never understand. Somehow, he convinces me to go on a tropical vacation with him and his friends. I wasted two years on this guy, when he clearly doesn’t deserve it.
When I cross paths with Lorenzo Rojas, the bass guitar player from Perpetual Fantasy, something clicks between us.

My Review

I love the playlist at the beginning of the book. We begin this story in the prologue. It’s a news report with an update on someone famous. The first chapter is from Lorenzo’s pov and six weeks before. Lorenzo is in a rock band called Perpetual Fantasy; he seems jealous of his bandmates and their fated mates. The author provides some connections to previous stories and characters with some of the references.

We bounce back and forth between Melanie and Lorenzo’s pov. Melanie and her boyfriend, Darian, seem to be in a strained relationship but plan to go on a cruise. Even though she knows she can’t afford it and doesn’t fit in with his friends.

The author has references that make me think there is a paranormal tie into this story not sure in what form yet, but intrigued all the same. Lorenzo is looking forward to the vacation he has planned, a short private solo trip that is well-planned to minimize his fame. Melanie is a workaholic but has no choice, as her job is her life support. Unlike her boyfriend, she doesn’t have a trust fund to rely on.

Melanie has the worst luck or the worst boyfriend. But her island vacation starts out differently than planned. She definitely has the worst boyfriend ever. However, she and Lorenzo are conveniently in forced proximity. What happens? It seems luck is on both sides. I didn’t expect natural disasters in this novel, but I love the drama.

We get a different pov of one of the bandmates. That is one way to drop the paranormal on an island, so it isn’t like she can run away. Steamy on a tropical island maybe not be every girl’s dream, but the author will surely hit the fantasies in this story, although they seem to be short.

The story ended sweetly with a small trail off in the epilogue to another character and a new account to get lost in. Although the book was short, this fiction was the stuff of fantasy, and I really enjoyed some of the tropes in the story. I wish it was a little longer, as I would love to see what everyday life was for them. But the author did an excellent job with the tie-in and interconnections to other series, books, and characters. I have yet to read any others, but I enjoyed this one.

If you would like to read Lorenzo by Ann Edwards, you can find this short read on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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