Pack Rivals Part One by Hannah Haze

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Caught between two rival packs…

Goodbye heartache, liars and cheats. I’m hot-tailing it to the city to escape all my problems.

What I don’t expect is to find a whole heap more.

Right at the top of the pile: turns out I’m not the beta I always believed.

Nope, I’m an omega.

How do I know? Because the freaking hot alpha, Axel York, I bump into at the gas station, triggers all those repressed hormones and pheromones.

Hormones and pheromones I’m battling to control.

Then there’s his pack. Rich, powerful, ruthless. The pack every omega wants.

Thing is, they’re not interested in the city’s pampered princesses. They want me.

As do their arch rivals, Pack Boston.

Just as rich, just as powerful and just as freaking hot.

Now I’m caught in the middle of this tussle to claim me, struggling to determine what’s real and what’s false.

One thing I know for certain, neither pack is willing to lose.


This novel is part one of a duet – a happy ending coming in part two.

My Review

ea is leaving her old life in the small town and moving to the city. She hints at reasons for leaving it behind but doesn’t get descriptive. I like her sass and attitude.

Axel is the alpha of the York pack. He thinks he needs a woman, but they also have a turf war with a rival pack. 

It is intriguing the way the alphas, omegas, and betas are talked about in this book and how much scent is described and interpreted by the main character. Bea isn’t in the know as we were led to believe. She even seems to be confused with her own status. 

The entanglements make little sense, but Bea doesn’t know which way is up. As the pieces to the puzzle come out, I can’t help but wonder which pack she will pick. She has a connection to Pack Boston, but we have had Pack York’s pov and a little suspense to go with this story. The competing packs and alphas almost have a mafia vibe to them more than a wolf shifter hierarchy, but they don’t really have either. It is bizarre for me to read a book about humans with various animal traits. It is the only thing I can compare it to. As strange as it is captivating as well. I like this new genre. 

Bea is playing hard to get, and I expected it to be much steamier, but it isn’t, which is surprising. I’m still intrigued by her newfound status, the hormone issues, and how it will work out. Each pack operates differently as they try to woe Bea. We go back and forth pretty evenly between Pack York and Pack Boston. This book gets steamier as we go through it but nothing more than New Adult.  

This story with six alpha males in the story, I was expecting a lot more action and intimacy than there had been. The pack shows their Alpha personalities. The author has done a great job of building the tension and burning up the pages with the steamy scene but keeping them not so well described. 

Oh, right, in the end, this book gets super twisted, and with so much action, I’m amazed at the storyline and how much it has captured my attention. I honestly can’t wait to read more. I’m kinda bummed the next book isn’t out yet, but it is coming soon. The new style of the story, with the mix of wolf-shifter traits and human characters, has captured my attention, and I hope you love it as much as I do. I absolutely love the tropes with the love triangle, Alphas, and paranormal theming with a twist. I love that this author has a few other books in this style to read. I definitely need to find and read some more Omegaverse books. 

I love the explanation of this genre of books and what it all entails at the back of the book. I find it truly interesting and looking forward to reading more Contemporary Omegaverse books.  

If you want to read Pack Rivals by Hannah Haze, you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Assocaite, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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