The New Single Dad Billionaire (Bronson Billionaire Romance Series Book 5) by Tina Gabor

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Take one grumpy billionaire.
Add two cute kids.
Mix in a sunshiny nanny
and you get a recipe for all the feels.

He’s a new dad and a new billionaire, but this grumpy boss has zero room for romance—despite making his fortune with a dating app.

She’s his young new nanny with a sunshine attitude about everything except love. The closest she’ll ever get to being in a family is working for one.

They vow to keep things strictly professional until …

My Review

This meet cute single dad billionaire romance is funny, messy, and gives you a happy ending for now. I love that it had opposites attract, a grumpy/sunshine vibe to the characters, and the work romance with hired help made it all the more complicated. Still, the characters themselves certainly didn’t help that. The story is a steamy, dual pov and has an age gap. But read this incredible romance story and see what you think about Tyler and Betty.

Tyler is grumpy, has a slight case of road rage, and seems to get distracted easily, although it was slightly funny. He is a busy single dad trying to raise his kids and keep the family company afloat. He may be a billionaire but doesn’t strictly act like it. Also, his kids are energetic. 

Betty is very optimistic, not taking anything seriously, and always looking on the sunny side of things. By the description of her car and purse, I assume she is a nanny. But tonight, she gets to let loose and have fun. I didn’t think she was expecting exactly how it went. 

Okay, this book takes an accidental calamity to a new level. I’m rolling while reading. I love this story so far. It is funny, outrageous, and a lot intriguing. I am trying to understand why so many chapters vary in length between one page and eight or more. But I ignored them once I got into the story. They don’t matter; they do change as we change perspectives mainly. 

The billionaire vibes come fully into the story after the unlikely job and small-world interview. This meet cute is definitely filled with a bit of luck. Apparently, luck and lust go hand in hand in this story as the nanny, and the billionaire crosses the lines finally. 

This books start out sweet and then becomes more of a mess. Of course, the honeymoon phase of happiness doesn’t last very long, and Tyler’s insecurities ultimately have a hand in tearing the fragile chemistry apart. I admire Betty’s determination and boundaries, but I am still determining how this will end. The end of this book was rushed. I would have liked the ending to be more drawn out. I hoped to experience all the answers as they discussed, trusted, and eventually got to their happily for now ending. 

I do appreciate the acknowledgment they snuck in the back of this book for my blog, and for many others who Arc read, it was a satisfying surprise.

If you would like to read The New Single Dad Billionaire by Tina Gabor, you can find this on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.  

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