The French Kiss by Lauren Landish

Rating: 4 out of 5.

What’s the best way to win a dream opportunity working with one of the top fashion houses in Paris?
Well, it’s definitely not bursting through the wrong door during a weird ice-breaker game and twerking in front of the sexiest man alive.

Take my word for it.

Simon Corbin.
He’s the face of House Corbin, which means his jaw can cut glass, his eyes are dreamy, and his body is built for sin. Every woman wants him and every man wants to be him. But he’s also an executive who can send me right back home before the competition even begins.

Except he doesn’t.

Instead, he shows me the city, revealing himself in the process. And Simon is full of deep secrets, alluring fantasies, and forbidden passion.

If I let this fire ignite between us, will it burn my whole world down around me, leaving my fashion dreams in ruins?

***The French Kiss is a full-length standalone romance with an HEA.

My Review

Autumn is a small-town girl living her dreams in the Big Apple. She is a fashion assistant to a moderate fashion mogul. She takes her job seriously but also has a little sass in her. Her work talks for her as she gets invited to a contest in Paris for a high-class fashion conglomerate.

Oh, the fashion challenges start early with this competition. I wish the French words were translated, as I don’t understand what the author is trying to get across with the sayings and had to pause to look them up and translate them myself. In Paris, the other competitors are very blunt in their girl talk. Her entry is fabulous but needs to be to the right audience. I’m surprised she wasn’t mortified enough to run away. At least the contestants seem to get along. They may develop amazing friendships from this experience.

Simon, heir to the esteemed fashion house in Paris. He is wealthy, privileged and the executive director. He is intrigued by our curvy mc. Even though she made quite the entrance. The author made this satisfying with the outlandish visuals that make this story memorable. Simon is the man who blurs the lines in this working relationship. Autumn is at a disadvantage being an American in a foreign county, a contestant, and him being essentially her boss. However, I’m not sure Simon is actually thinking with his head. Simon’s dreams are steamy and hot, and I like his character even more when we are introduced to his loving companion.

I like the way he wines and dines her, even flirting unapologetically. They have opposites attract and an age gap vibe. Still, the chemistry is smoking, and the language barrier leads to some comical moments. This story has a little forbidden romance as Simon decides what he wants in his bed. However, Autumn separates the competition from the intimate moments and does not have to lose one or the other, or does she?.

The author doesn’t capture the romanticized version of Paris we hear of but instead, the more sensual side with many descriptive scenes and actions that lead toward more. This book gets complicated as their secret romance is discovered, and they are both at risk of consequences. However, they continue regardless. Real life interrupts at the finale. I expected something significant but not quite that backstabbing. I love that grand gesture in this globe-trotting romance and the surprising apology. The HEA makes this book a sweet romance.

The author got a little hot in the bedroom scenes, which is definitely for a mature audience. I like the character’s passion for each other and their professional and personal interests. The characters were well-rounded and described in a way that you can’t help but swoon for Simon and enjoy the aggressive attitude of Autumn. This was a great contemporary romance.

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