Heavy Crown (Bellerive Royals Book 3) by W. Million

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Alexander Summerset, future King of Bellerive, doesn’t believe in love. When a coronation clause has him seeking a wife, an arranged marriage suits him. His criteria is simple. She must be tolerable to him, and she must be good for the country.

Aurora Wilson followed her boyfriend to Bellerive after college and joined his family’s business. When she discovers him cheating on her, she flees their apartment, and the life that’s trapped her.

An unlikely and unexpected meeting stuns them both. For a man who doesn’t believe in love, he’s suddenly only got eyes for her.

There’s only one problem. He can only marry royalty or a native Bellerivian, and she is neither.

My Review

I saw an ad for this book on Facebook that caught my interest, so I couldn’t wait to read it and get sucked into this rollercoaster of a story. This book is part of a series but can be read as an interconnected standalone.

Alex is stuck between his duty and expectations and a short timeline. He must find a wife to be king. Alex is a little grumpy, the stubborn one of the family, but he takes his country and her needs to heart above his own.

Rory moved to Bellerive island on an adventure following her college sweetheart bf home and leaving behind her parents and friends to start a new life. She gets the worst gift possible on her birthday and a rude awakening to how lonely she really is.

A set of unexpected circumstances have him being a knight in shining armor. Ah, such a gentleman, and sure glad he listened for his intuition; however, this might get more complicated for them. Alex is forbidden by his own means from falling for Rory, but he can’t help the instincts that take over regarding her. The banter is fabulous even if they understand the forbidden romance and have the forced proximity to deal with. There is so much standing in their way, yet the inner nature of their feelings and actions speaks volumes in a different direction. I really want to see where this goes.

This book has palpable angst as their friendship and chemistry grow, but nothing in their reasons for not has changed. Things get molten and then ice cold again, but eventually, they burst in a steamy eruption. They are indeed heading toward a downhill spiral for both of them. The downhill hits, and the author breaks your emotional control with this one. There are so many questions that still need answers. But I admire Rory and her determination to truly love someone so much that she is willing to shatter her heart for what’s best for them. It doesn’t make reading this any easier.

This gets a lot more complicated than just heartbreak. Just as I thought all hope was lost and her dreams and lives shattered, the story makes a sharp turn. I love how this journey ended and what a hat trick it was. It was surprising and predictable, but it was a great read. I truly enjoyed the rollercoaster of this love story.

If you want to read Heavy Crown by W. Million, you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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