Taken by Twilight by Tricia Barr

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Ten abducted humans. Seven fae regents in need of mates. Welcome to the Mating Games.

Evee Aldren wakes strapped on a plane with nine strangers, and her panic heightens when she sees that one of them is the man who broke her heart in high school.

Justin Jackson thought he’d never hear from his high school sweetheart again after she literally ran away from him after they recently reconnected. So when he’s forced off a plane full of hostages and sees she’s among them, he’s gripped with only one goal: Get her the hell out of there.

As inhuman beauties herd them like cattle, Evee and Justin learn they’re being forced into an ancient game of cat and mouse, where unwed fae regents hunt for their future mates. They ban together to escape, all the while fighting the intense passion burning between them.

Will they win their freedom, or will they lose so much more than each other to the gorgeous and wicked creatures who chase them? Let the Mating Games begin.

My Review

Evee is in mid-life, separated from her abusive ex-husband, and rediscovering herself, including the dark kinky things she enjoys. She runs into her long-lost high school boyfriend but convinces herself it can’t work out. Then she is kidnapped by 5 hot men to participate in the mating games. They call her a fount which I’m not sure what that is but interested to find out. 

Justin, the high school sweetheart, also seems to get a jump in the paranormal realm as he is first met by a vampire show actually tries to kill him but is then saved by an unknown who tells him he is wanted by the fae council and a fount. I need to know what the word fount is. Looks like he is going on an adventure as well. 

I’m thankful we finally get a definition of what a fount is and why it is crucial. The mating games seem a little unbelievable, but I’m intrigued enough by the darker side of this to keep reading. Justin has a knight and shining armor complex where Evee is concerned, but she seems more excited by the turn of events.

This story is perversely interesting, like a bad TV show you can’t stop watching. Evee and Jackson’s star-crossed love and lust are a central part of the storyline, but also the Fae Prince and Princess and their different personalities. The sudden reveal of Evee being more than she is was odd. I’m excited for the hunt and final challenge in the mating games and to see how this ends.

This last challenge gets steamy and very mature as they encounter unexpected obstacles. After some intense action, adventure, and a little terror, the author ends this book on a cliffhanger. The mating games aren’t complete, and there is still more to find out. I’m not so hooked on the story that I care to read any further, but if you want to, the next book is Mated by Midnight by Tricia Barr. 

If you want to read Taken by Twilight by Tricia Barr, you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Assocaite, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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