Howl in the Shadows (The Redwood Moon Series Book 1) by Angela Darling

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Once Adrianna’s estranged parents passed away, she decided to relocate and start over; loneliness would not be a factor this time. Getting more than what she bargained for when the events of one night lead her toward the people who have the power to make her or break her: a new friend and a love interest who is handsome beyond belief. The strength of their bond and the need to be together feels unnaturally strong and scary, yet unavoidable.

Thrust into the world of supernaturals, Adrianna has to navigate this new life that seems to expand at every turn. The werewolves of Redwood Moon are under attack by rogues, and witches are hovering in the area. Adrianna has to handle this new family, hierarchy, and their supernatural laws.With a new family, new friends, and a new lover, Adrianna learns very quickly that magic comes with a cost. What will it cost, and what has it cost already?

My Review

This paranormal romance is difficult to read and slow to hook you into the story, but it does get better. I liked Adrianna’s character from the beginning, and she did give a minor whiplash as her character developed in the story. She goes from self-deprecating and unsure to a caring, strong heroine too quickly. Her supernatural development is insufficient to warrant the abrupt personality change. I love that the author included popular themes and tropes like rogues, fated mates, magic, and supernatural tendencies. Of course, she has some darker themes as well. This book is written by a new author, and I thought it was a great story after I got into it. There were a few words tense inconsistencies in the first handful of chapters and a minor character development that needed to be fine-tuned. Overall, it was an interesting paranormal romance read. 

The prologue of this book is alluring with its poetic descriptions but doesn’t give any clues as to the story. Gabriel is an Alpha and has found his pack, Luna. Adrianna is new to the town, having moved to it to start over; she only fits in quickly and worries a lot. Still, there seem to be some implications, and the Alpha is more accessible than I expected him to be. 

Gabriel certainly had more Alpha qualities in his day and night dreams than he seems to in his life, but we will see. For now, he has a task ahead of him. This book was very clearly written by a very new author, but it doesn’t read like it overall; there are issues with the overall structure and ramblings but only in the first seven or eight chapters. This book’s writing could be more seamless, and some of the tenses need to be edited.

Amongst the storyline of Alpha finding his mate, you also get pack politics and something strange happening with his mate Adrianna. I don’t know how that will play out. The truth and action sequences set them free, so they aren’t tip-toeing around being mates. The weird tenses have stopped, and this book is much easier to read now. The story flows easily, although she isn’t exactly human anymore. The leading characters’ personalities are giving me minor whiplash. Adrianna goes from unsure and unconfident to a badass Luna to be overnight? 

This book’s later chapters are pretty dark and graphic, definitely for a mature reader. Intriguingly, the author breaks away from the main characters in the story, including other names we have come to know and their mating stories. There are quite a few intimate steamy scenes. This book has some intriguing twists involving the tropes and some intense action scenes; now I can’t wait to see how it ends. This book ends on a slight cliffhanger with a teaser for more. I would like to read more of Author Angela Darlings’ stories.

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