Vampire King(Vegas After Dark Book 1) by Stacy O’Neale

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Betrayal begins with trust.

Entertainment reporter Remy Wade has an all-access pass to every sold-out event in Las Vegas. She’s working to make her dreams come true. But her plans are put on hold when her brother goes missing off the world-famous Strip. She must use every resource she has to find him. Even if that means she’ll have to investigate the hotel-casino where he was last seen and dig into the personal life of the dark, dangerous, and sinfully hot billionaire owner.

Vampire King Kirion Petrov has a lot on his shoulders: keeping the Nevada supernatural factions in line, protecting his family, and solving the mystery of his missing familiar, Brice Wade, before his enemies use the chaos to start a war. Remy Wade is a big problem. The last thing he needs is a reporter sniffing around his hotel-casino and accidentally discovering the supernatural, but the moment they meet, her rare blood calls to him.

Is she meant to be his queen? Or is Remy Wade just another item on his to-do list?

VAMPIRE KING is the first book in the Vegas After Dark series by USA Today Bestselling Fantasy Author Stacey O’Neale. This is an adult paranormal romance featuring a powerful vampire king and the determined reporter who will either become his mate or his destruction. If you love steamy romance, edge-of-your-seat mystery, and scorching-hot vampires, delve into the dangerous world of Kirion Petrov.

My Review

I became interested in this book after seeing it on some FB ads. I decided to read it and give it a try. I seriously love a few things about this book; the tropes are intriguing with a sexy billionaire vampire, a human reporter, and a who done it? As well as fated mates, midlife characters, and relationships and activities I can certainly dream about. I also love that the ending isn’t a cliffhanger but does leave more to be desired; however, the author does have some minor spelling oops in the story that needs to be fixed. I can’t wait to read more in this series.

We begin with Kirion, a hotel mogul in Las Vegas. He is from an affluent family of vampires. He has strength and smarts and runs a prestigious hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. But it seems the supernatural isn’t revealed to the humans .he is the vampire King of Nevada. He takes the protection and dead bodies on his property seriously, but he has to figure out the who and the why?

Remy is a reporter; she lives with her younger brother Brice. She is proud of her brother but, of course, still worries about him. Her spidey sense seems to tingle when it comes to his boss Kirion the most eligible, aloof bachelor in Vegas, what she wouldn’t give for an interview with him. Her dream of investigative reporting hasn’t come true yet. But for now, she pays the bills with entertainment reporting.

Her brother Brices disappears and seems to trigger her need to confront Kirion at his hotel to get some answers. Ah, he seems to have an instant attraction to her but, of course, lends toward just being charming. A little friendly/flirty banter and neither of them gets exactly what they want.

I like when things go sweet between them, and they certainly have trouble fighting the attraction. But the author has a few spelling mistakes in a heated, steamy moment. I love that the author adds the dreamy billionaire winning and dining her with a romantic interest, not just mystery stuff. Their interactions, with her being human and him being a vampire, are so swoony. I also love that they seem to be soulmates or fated mates, as is the typical popular trope. How that all plays out, we will have to see.

Oh, interesting I like how she discovers the paranormal and has a normal reaction to this kind of truth bomb. However, the plot then gets more twisted as we find out what happens to Brice and now Remy. Who was behind it and so much more? I know Kirion is going to be livid. He’s admitting his true feeling is rather magical. In the knight in dark armor kind of way.

I love the super sizzling intimacy at the end of the book and where this ends, leaving off with still some conflicts but not a cliffhanger. I also love the mature adult paranormal romance in it, not a young adult, not college but mature decision-making adults. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

If you want to read Vampire King by Stacy O’Neale, you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Assocaite, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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