Christmas at Fireside Cabins by Jenny Hale

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Christmas is always tough for Lila Evans. Instead of being with her loved ones, she’s all alone, and reminded of the heartbreaking time when she lost her father. It’s no wonder that, this year, Lila’s escaping Nashville. She’s in search of a home away from home––and the countryside retreat of Fireside Cabins sounds like the perfect place.

But it turns out that Pinewood Hills, tucked in the snow-topped Tennessee mountains, doesn’t offer her much of a small-town welcome. Stopping at the local coffee shop for a much-needed peppermint latte, the rugged, surly owner Theo Perry gives her an icy reception that even his piercing blue eyes can’t melt.

Unfortunately, you can’t avoid anyone in the quaint village, which means that Lila bumps into him everywhere… To her surprise, on the rare occasions he does smile, it feels like sunshine on a cold winter’s day––it feels like coming home. So Lila makes it her mission to warm up frosty Theo, even if that does feel like she’s hoping for a Christmas miracle.

With nothing––and no one––waiting for her back in Nashville, could Pinewood Hills give Lila the ultimate Christmas gift––the family she’s always longed for? And, with a dusting of festive magic, spiced cider and sugarplum pie, could this be the first holiday she’s not alone?

My Review

Lila is meeting friends at a coffee shop, indulging in a peppermint latte, and showing off a special surprise. She and her group of girlfriends live in Nashville, Tennessee. Charlotte, Piper, and Edie are an intriguing bunch of women who mesh perfectly together. They have known each so long they act like family. She is hopeful for one last holiday with her friends before they go their separate ways, so she books a cabin in the mountains for them to celebrate.

So far, the town and the cabins are different from what they were expecting, and so starts their Christmas adventure. Theo, the barista, maybe the owner, not sure at the coffee shop, is somewhat grumpy. These four women seem to catch trouble wherever they go, and Lila catches the attention of a flannel-wearing coffee shop grump. The book is very festive as they spread Christmas cheer wherever they go.

With a few work calls and disaster, life gets in the way, bringing Lila closer to what she is looking for. The author did a great job with the holiday vibes and wintery feels; that chocolate shop was just dreamy. I love that Lila has to fight to get Theo, the grim coffee owner, to open up to her, but with each surprising moment, we see a different side of this man. This book gets steamy after their first date.

This book takes a turn I wasn’t expecting for a heartwarming romance. I’m curious how it can be romantic when one character disappears willingly. As the truth emerges and the issues are tackled, we get a rare look at a troubled man. However, I like that he finally decided to tackle what he was running from, which turns this story back to sweet and heartwarming. These pages have a lot of love and support and a life lesson. This story ends sweet and unexpected, but I love the tale of the location as much as the people.

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