Totally Witched by Ellie Aiden

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Something will eventually reveal itself, leading me to make the right decisions, right?

Nat & Sybil have been through all the things, but now that Puck is in control of the council, they have no choice but to go into hiding. It’s been weeks, and things are looking pretty bleak. Nat is in a funk and Sybil is trying desperately to lift everyone’s Christmas spirit, but when Nat decides to go rogue, things take an unexpected turn and Nat gets a little help from an unexpected visitor. At least, she thinks they’re there to help.

Join Nat, Sybil, and the gang for an epically witchy finale.

My Review

At the start of this book, I was genuinely losing interest in Nat and Sybil’s story. It keeps going around in circles, but the author surprised me with a fantastic ending. The end of this made me enjoy the growth, maturity, and characters that much more, especially now that I saw where all of this was going and the slow progression and character-building that went into developing this magical mayhem and prophecy in the story. Nat and Sybil are very new adults; they have many steamy scenes in the book, but I love the combination of paranormal fiction and a family of witches in the coven, all helping each other. 

We begin this book in the prologue with Helga, the seer. She seems full of herself and ties this witch story with the Fae story. From there, we move on to Sybil. Nat isn’t doing well, the coven is hiding, and Puck is in charge of the council. 

We start the book with Sybil; she is still sassy, although Nat is much more out of it than before; the coven is on the run and in hiding, fighting to keep Nat out of pucks clutches. Relationships are strained, and friendships are brittle as they argue about the best course of action. This book gets twisted as they experience lots of arguing, Nat disappearing again and still being in hiding.

She has some major mother issues, but I love the stinking cat and him being her familiar makes so much sense. This book has some intimate scenes with Sybil and her Jayson and Maggie and Puck. Everyone seems to be getting something except Nat. Yeah, we are back to diabolical plans and magical mischief.

Nat is over her head again, and this story doesn’t go quite how I expect it to. Ellie Aiden, the author, doesn’t disappoint with action-packed scenes and edge-of-your-seat decisions. There is enough magic used in this book to set your imagination soaring. I loved how this book ended; it was the perfect end to the series.

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